How to Fix Xbox One can’t Connect to DHCP Server – [Complete Solution]

How to Fix Xbox One can’t Connect to DHCP Server – [Complete Solution]
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Gaming is the most popular nowadays. All the gamers are always looking for Xbox for game priority. Xbox users are having Xbox one can’t connect to DHCP server error in common.

That shows that the DHCP server is not able to assign IP to your server. Do you face that error too, then keep on reading this article till the end. We have Completely Fixed the error.

What is Xbox?

Xbox is a console gaming brand created by Microsoft. Xbox is giving a super real experience to its users. This has high-quality games to display with it, That game console can get connected with TV, PC, or other displays. The Xbox has many competitive products in the market. 

Xbox one comes in a square design. This has included a built-in battery for the controller. Online game communities choose the Xbox one as compare to other game console.

What is DHCP Server?

DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. DHCP is a type of dynamic protocol. The server is used for an auto-configured device on Internet Protocol (IP) into the network.

DHCP is an enhancement of an old protocol called BOOTP. The DHCP server assigns IP and other network parameters dynamically to every device available in the network. A DHCP server plays a key role in DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) solution.

Why do I face can’t connect to your DHCP server on Xbox one?

There are some times when Xbox says cannot connect to your DHCP server. The common cause for it can be another device from the same network is assigned to the same IP. That is given to your Xbox one console. 

As a result of that, the network can connect to DHCP server windows 10All we need to look at DHCP server configuration and the second thing is to assign IP to your Xbox One.

Solutions of Xbox One can’t Connect to DHCP Server

In the case of a repeated error for the Xbox one, you need to get that completely Fixed. DHCP is working to give a particular IP address to your network device. Xbox one can’t connect to your DHCP server require some of the following steps and it will work again.

#1 Troubleshoot

First of all, turn the off button of your Xbox one around 5 to 10 minutes.

Also, turn off your router for that time. 

After Sometimes, turn both devices ON.

When it will start again, go for the “Menu” button.

You can go from remote. You will find the “Setting” option over there.

Choose the “Network” setting from the “Setting” option.

In that, one of the options is called “Network Setting”.

can't connect to your dhcp server xbox one
can’t connect to your dhcp server xbox one

Choose that and do troubleshoot.

Troubleshoot can be done with the “Test Network Connection” option.

xbox one can't connect to your dhcp server
xbox one can’t connect to your dhcp server

Now you can find Xbox error that can’t connect to your DHCP server is resolved.

#2 Static IP

There is a possibility that dynamic IP creates the Xbox one can’t connect to DHCP server wired. 

For that restart your Xbox one console. Now go for the “Menu” of the console.

You will find the “Setting” option in that.

Now navigate for the “Network”.

can't connect to your dhcp server xbox one
can’t connect to your dhcp server xbox one

This will let you operate the network setting.

After that, go to the “Advanced Setting”.

That window will move to another network option.

Now move for the “IP Settings”.

Note down that IP and MAC address for later use. 

Go to the default gateway from your browser. This will open your router after login credentials. That is given on the router.

In that, you will find “Enable Manual Assignment”. And enter both IP and Mac address in that. And hit the “Add” button. Xbox one cant connect with a static IP address resolved.

#3 Ethernet Port

Xbox one can’t connect to the DHCP server then try once for the Ethernet port check. First, do remove the “Ethernet cable” of your modem.

Also, remove the same connection from your PC or display device. 

Now plug the cable into the Xbox one that will remove the PC from the network. And then make a test of “Xbox one live Connection”.

#4 Port Change

Xbox wired connection cant to connect to DHCP server error comes on the screen, you can turn off your Xbox one console.

After that make a change of port. You can replace the cable pr change the Ethernet port.

Once you change from the previous port, make a test. For that, you need to go for the “Settings” from the console option “Menu”.

In that Go for the “Network” and “Network Setting” after that.

xbox one can't connect to dhcp server wireless
xbox one can’t connect to dhcp server wireless

There you will get the “Test Network Connection” option. 

#5 Quick Fix

When you find your Xbox is generating an error, navigate for your router “Setting”.

You will find the list of the device which are already in connection with your network. Now remove the Xbox one from that list and connect again.

You will find the Xbox one back to the network and start running as before.


How do I fix DHCP failure? 

For the DHCP failure, you can do window troubleshoot, check for the DHCP adapter setting. This will match your starting and ending Gateway Address match and you can recover the DHCP failure.

Why DHCP server is not working? 

A DHCP server is working to auto-configure IP to the network devices, When any mistake takes place in the assigning of IP address, the DHCP server will not work.

You can error from that. You can make that work with some basic steps of fixes.

 What is a DHCP server Xbox? 

The DHCP server is allotted the IP to each device present on the network. The Xbox is a device such as other display devices.

The DHCP allot the IP address to the Xbox also. That is how it correlates with the Xbox one.

 Why does my Xbox say can’t connect with a static IP address?

There is a need for an IP address while accessing the Xbox one. You can make a use of static IP address.

If there cause any mistake in providing the IP address to the settings, there is a possibility that Xbox says can’t connect with a static IP address. 

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