How To Make Money Online With Blog?

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With the help of blogging, bloggers can earn lots of money. If you want to earn too then you have to know the ways by which you can do so. Until you are aware of the correct ways, you can’t start earning a good amount. Therefore, make sure to follow these techniques to find the right techniques to earn money online with blogs. 

For creating a blog you need one domain and one best hosting where you can store your website data. You can start a blog with 0 costs as well with many sites like blogger, medium and many more.

Top 12 Best Ways to Make Money Online with Blogs

Here is the list of ways to make money online or blogging and make your dream true 🙂

Best Way to Make Money Online
Best Way to Make Money Online

#1 Google AdSense:

Google Adsense is the CPC (cost per click) ad network that pays its affiliates for every click on ads.

It is gained by natural visitors to your blog. In that case, you must have an approved Google AdSense account to display Google Ads.

Then only you can monetize your WordPress blog just by placing ad codes. But Adsense has very strict rules and regulations and if you don’t follow them then your account can be permanently banned.

#2 Use Affiliate Marketing Program:

This is the first step towards monetization. In this, you sell other’s products and services through your web assets.

Hence, you can earn a good affiliate commission. In that case, you have to make sure that you have good quality content and traffic.

The more you can have traffic to your blog, the more you can earn money.

#3 Make Use of WordPress Advertising Plugins:

Though Adsense is the best way to earn money online with blogs by showing ads on your website. But still, you can also show direct ads on your website and able to negotiate the price according to the banner size.

In this way, you can earn more money this way than Adsense. WordPress plugins make the work easier for affiliates. As they have simple ways to insert ads with shortcodes and widgets.

#4 Have Sponsored Blog Posts:

If you don’t prefer to display ads on your blog, but still you can monetize your blog via sponsorships.

Many sponsors pay the organizers for representing their products and services. So, in this way you can sell sponsored blog posts via your WordPress blog using WP plugins.

#5 Include Reviews to Get Paid:

Just like selling a sponsored blog post, you can make money by writing paid reviews on your site and this can be considered as an alternative way to monetize your blog or website.

To start the best way is to first select the appropriate product as per your site’s niche.

In this way, you can approach lots of businesses that always require numerous blog owners to write paid reviews for them.

#6 Sell Websites:

There are lots of advertisers out there who wish to buy already created high trafficked WordPress sites to promote their own business.

If you are aware of how to create a WordPress blog and getting great traffic, hence you can sell your web assets and make money for your great efforts.

#7 Have a Membership Site:

Suppose you simply have a passion to write and have a big fan for your large audience, get ready to earn as in that situation you can easily earn money online with blogs.

You have to create a membership area for your audience who prefer to pay you for getting more premium content.

Though it requires time investment you can get a variety of plugins to create a membership site with ease.

#8 Make Use of Private Forum:

This is another alternative to have a paid membership site. Thus, by making use of forums, you can help your audience to find all sorts of solutions to their needs.

These are great platforms for learners and experts. A huge part of the audience may like to avail membership to express their views through your forum.

WordPress will help you to set up a forum website by including numerous plugins.

#9 Get a Paid Business Directory:

Numerous websites provide a huge number of plugins and more for creating a paid business directory.

Directories are the platform that gathers local business reviews, podcasting, and get product listing of required niche.

You will find that local or niche directories are extremely helpful in terms of getting traffic and hence you can make money online with blogs.

You will find that due to this many digital marketers approaches you to pay the required subscription fee for directory submissions.

#10 Have a Paid Job Submission Site:

You get numerous plugins to set up a paid job submission site. Some websites want to advertise their job vacancies from web portals and happy for paying the required subscription amount.

Hence, you will find it easier to create a successful job board. You can become a go-to site for the job seekers and the recruiters.

There are lots of websites that are considered as the most prominent sites for their job board for professional bloggers.

#11 Make an Event Calendar:

With the use of various plugins and websites, you can create event calendars for monetizing the local or industry niche websites.

You can find lots of event organizers who are ready to pay a subscription fee for advertising events of the local city, and many live streaming events.

If you would not like to have a paid job submission site, then you can check for the free ones.

#12 Sell Ebooks:

Today, you can find that Ebooks are great choices to create digital products.

WordPress enables you to install numerous helpful plugins and have Digital Downloads and thus have many more to sell your ebooks on WordPress sites.

You will find that these plugins are relatively easy to use to set up your online store.


These are some of the proven ways to make money online with a blog.

Though it is not very simple or easy to start making money using the above methods.

But if you are a blogger and want to earn money online then you can adopt these techniques to earn money online with your blogs.

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