How To Fixed MacBook Camera Is Not Working

How To Fixed MacBook Camera Is Not Working

Without cameras, we can no longer picture our Macs.  However, as any technology customer service professional can tell you, it also creates the most common problems for customers. While the Mac camera is certainly not working, fortunately, in most cases it is quite easy to fix it on your own. Most Macs today are fitted … Read more

How To Open Task Manager On MAC And How To Use It ?

Open Task Manager On MAC

How do I open the task manager on Mac? Not thoroughly modern operating systems. Often programs crash in the unforeseen processes are suspended and consume valuable computing resources, and bugs are causing files to get lost or corrupted. Task Managers are useful software that allows you to track what is happening on your computer and … Read more

How to Sync Contacts From iPhone to Mac?

Sync Contacts From iPhone to Mac

HOW DO I SYNC CONTACTS FROM IPHONE TO MAC USING iCloud? Contacts are not only numbers and addresses in the address books.  First of all, they are people who matter to us, either because we deal with them or because we have a share in our lives.  The least you can do is back up … Read more

Download Voloco for PC | Free for Windows & Mac in 2021

voloco pro apk free download

Yes, Voloco invites you to the world of auto-tuning in real-time. This is a Resonant Cavity Android device and just 7.7 MB. The app provides you with a wide range of music albums from which to select and listen and rap. And Voloco starts on the key of the singer, and even on the right … Read more

Apple fixes a host of bugs for iOS, Apple Watch, and HomePod

This update is also getting to Apple TV and Mac users as well. Don’t see now, but you will have a number of updating to do if you exist deep in the Apple ecosystem. Apple has published updates that take a host of problems for watchOS, iOS, tvOS, macOS and HomePod. iOS 12.1.3 often addresses … Read more

TransMac Download


TransMac: Open Mac format disk flash drives, CD/DVD/Blu-ray media, drives, dmg, sparse bundle, dmgpartand sparse image files. What is TransMac software? Acute Systems innovate the TransMac for Windows which helps the user for manage data, files, and folders on Apple drives and devices. TransMac also includes the Mac-formatted hard disks, flash disks, and different storage media, as well … Read more

How To Hard Reset Your iPad And Other Apple Devices

Hard Reset Your IPad And Other Apple Devices

How Do I Hard Reset My IPad And Other Apple Devices When your iPad freezes, when your app crashes, and when everything about your iPad just seems to go wonky, the first thing that comes to mind is to perform a reset. There are two ways to perform this, the soft and the hard one. … Read more

How to Remove VBS Malware-Gen from Mac?

VBS Malware-gen

How do I remove VBS: Malware-gen from Mac In early 2015, Avast antivirus users found that they had blocked a threat and identified the infect as “VBS: Malware-gen mac” by alerting them from their antivirus program. According to the AV app pop-up, the threat has been detected on an Amazon shopping page, on a Twitch … Read more