Google launched Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier two new apps for Hard of Hearing

Live Transcribe And Sound Amplifier

Google is offering audio more friendly with launching two new apps for Android users. 1: Live Transcribe 2: Sound Amplifier These both apps are developed to support people who are deaf and have the difficulty of hearing. Live Transcribe Live Transcribe can provide people who are hearing impaired or hard of hearing more freedom in … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera introduce Instagram Mode for selfie lover

Wednesday, in San Francisco Samsung, organized one event. and this event they introduce new Galaxy S10 will come with the Instagram Mode for share selfie. As per recent news from the source, Samsung’s partnership with Instagram is trading. it’s might be excited for you or does not. But the new feature launch by Samsung’s that … Read more

Mobile Phone Tracking: Best Mobile Phone Tracking Apps For Free

You are using GPS in your day to day life for navigation while driving or reaching a new place but do you have an idea that one can use the same thing to track your location? Yes, it can be used by parents to keep eyes on their children’s activity, during hangout friends keep it, … Read more

Top 10 Best Apps To Hide Apps, Images and files for Android & iPhone in 2021

Hide Apps, Images and files for Android & iPhone

Most work can be done in these days with your smartphone without facing a lot of risks. Several personal images, videos, and confidential details are included in your computer. To secure your phone from the intruders, you must attach some extra protection.  The innovations are now fast evolving every day; you must use them correctly … Read more

Top 10 Vocabulary Builder Mobile Apps

Vocabulary Builder Mobile Apps

Top 10 vocabulary builder mobile apps that help you to improve your English. Do you want to learn a higher level of vocabulary? If your answer is YES, but many people say that they do not have enough time to join any course or they cannot always carry the dictionary with them. Nowadays, we can … Read more

Twitter: How to See New Tweets First on iOS and Android?

From the longest time, Twitter has been working on the thing where they can display the popular tweets instead of latest tweets. But finally, twitter give a new update which allows you to choose the option where you can “See New Tweets First“. Twitter a short time ago carried back the ability for iOS and … Read more

How Can I Know Who Follows Me on Snapchat? Where Do I See it?

Who Follows Me on Snapchat

How can I know who follows me on Snapchat? Where do I see it? In today’s tutorial we are going to see how to know who follows me on Snapchat and where I can see it .  We all know someone who uses Snapchat . It is that it is a social network that sweeps the youngest. It is … Read more