7 Ways to Secure Your Servers from Hackers

7 Ways to Secure Your Servers from Hackers

Operating your business online is not like walking in the park, and cybercriminals are everywhere.  As businesses, we have to figure out ways to tackle them at every step.  They can inject malware through MITM attacks, DDoS attacks, or SQL injection. Only our preparation against them can give us a chance.  If you are looking … Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cyber Security

disadvantages and advantages of cyber security

WHAT IS CYBER SECURITY? Cyber security is a technique that offers defense from digital threats from devices, networks, and services. Cybersecurity is an activity that aims at accessing, modifying, or damaging confidential information, extortionate money from users, or interrupting normal business processes. The defense of computer systems from intrusion or harm to their hardware, software, … Read more

Disadvantages of Data Protection

Disadvantages of Data Security

We always believe to take perfect security for our mobile or pc database. But there are so many drawbacks of any secured system. As per recent example is WhatsApp’s new Data Policy! If you don’t know, then do check it. WhatsApp users are little in blue mood after that come in news. Data security is … Read more

Types of Cyber Security

Types Of Cyber Security

5 main types of cyber security threats Cybersecurity, also known as information security, refers to the process of ensuring information’s incorporation, confidentiality, and availability (ICA). Cyber security consists of a comprehensive range of tools, risk management techniques, software, training, and best practices aimed at safeguarding against attacks or unregistered access to networks, computers, programs, and … Read more

Past to Present Scenario of Cyber Security

What is Cyber Security Definition, Best Practices

Cyber Security: Past to Present Scenario  As technology and the use of the internet is the essential need for all of us to become more advance and digital we all are heading towards the more advancement and a better world. But with the increasing usage of technology one should need to be aware of the … Read more

Top Cloud Security Challenges And Risks To Be Aware Of

Top Cloud Security Challenges And Risks

Nowadays, cloud computing is simply everywhere. We use various cloud-based apps on our day-to-day activities, like Google Docs or even Gmail, and chances are if you work in a company, the company will use at least one cloud-based service in its operations.  The benefits of cloud computing are simply enormous: faster deployment, versatility, lower up-front … Read more

Why Norton 360 is the Best Antivirus for Gamers!

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Every computer needs an antivirus system to protect the PC from any cybersecurity threats. However, the needs of a Gamer are a bit unique from conventional users. Antivirus systems are infamous for being too draining on the systems. They make the computer laggy as they take up a lot of space and processing power. For … Read more