How To Fixed MacBook Camera Is Not Working

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Without cameras, we can no longer picture our Macs. 

However, as any technology customer service professional can tell you, it also creates the most common problems for customers. While the Mac camera is certainly not working, fortunately, in most cases it is quite easy to fix it on your own.

Most Macs today are fitted with an integrated camera facing the front, which is also called FaceTime. 

As FaceTime is activated automatically, no question of how to connect your camera to Mac is necessary. 

However, sometimes the activation process fails and it is good to know how to return the connection.


If it doesn’t work properly for your mac camera not working, it’s disconnected or not available. 

The “No camera is attached” error may be shocking if your camera doesn’t work on MacBook at any point in time. But don’t eagerly assume you need to “connect” the camera somehow on it, or that a hardware problem needs a guaranteed service:

macOS is not supported by an app for camera settings. 

Most programs using a Mac camera have their own settings, so no on-and-off turn – no physical or software.

Although you think it could be a hardware problem, with some little tricks, you usually solve a Mac problem that doesn’t work very quickly on your own.

Below is a complete guide to the tips which you can use to restore and run your camera should it be incorrect.

We know that the apps that use the Mac camera are activated automatically. However, it is important to note that when the camera not working on MacBook air the camera can only be used in one device simultaneously. 

If the Mac webcam doesn’t function, make sure that access to your camera is not denied because it is currently used by some other app:

  • Start Application Activity Monitor.
  • Quit any other open apps or utilities (e.g. Skype, FaceTime, and Photo Booth) that may be using the camera.
  • Save your work, and close all the open apps, if you are not sure which apps may be accessing your camera.

If you didn’t leave apps, you would be able to use the camera in the background in certain processes. 

A restart almost certainly solves the problem, which again gives you full access to the camera.

As powerful as rebooting is, everything you do takes time to stop. This is probably not an option if you’re in the middle of a major FaceTime call. 

Fortunately, there is another trick not requiring a reboot for FaceTime camera not working MacBook pro, on Mac and it immediately fixes the problem. That means that the process is stopped by a command line:

  • Go to Applications / Terminal utility companies.
  • Click inside the VDCAssistant terminal and type sudo killall.
  • Hit Return and enter your admin password if requested.
  • Start the app again, to see whether Mac is solved with the webcam problem.

MacBook air camera not working :

If you wonder why my camera doesn’t work on my Mac specifically when making Skype calls, Skype will likely be the app responsible. 

This is what your Skype camera doesn’t work on Mac should do:

  • Ensure the new Skype update is available.
  • If you do and no attached MacBook camera still exists — reinstall the device.
  • Does the problem still exist? 
  • Apply the same fix for FaceTime which does not operate on Mac as described above. 
  • Then start again and test again Skype.

MacBook pro camera not working on green light :

Finally, you should verify whether you are linked to the internet and have enough bandwidth (for FaceTime Video Calls with at least 128 kbps, or 1 Mbps).). 

If the internet connection does not work, try WiFi Explorer, a network analyzer that can help you find and solve can network issues without using an expensive professional.

WiFi Explorer tests your network area, recognizes the conflicts between channels and coverage issues, and gives you simple suggestions for enhancing your WiFi.

You should try resetting what is known as the System Management Controller (SMC) when you notice the camera on Mac is not working and nothing else seems helpful. 

The SMC manages a lot of hardware features on your Mac and can be a solution to your problems by restarting it.

Setting up MacBook SMC (2017 or before):

  • Shut the computer down.
  • Connect your adaptor to your power.
  • Keep Shift + Control + Keys and power buttons simultaneously.
  • Let 30 seconds pass before you release the Mac-backup keys.

The resetting of the SMC with the T2 security chip on modern MacBook Air or Pro differs and requires two steps. 

Sometimes just completing the first stage solves the problem, but both are usually more robust in fixing a camera that doesn’t work with the MacBook problem.

The first step to reset the 2018 or later SMC to MacBooks is:

  • Shut your Mac down. 
  • Press and hold the 10 seconds power button.
  • Remove the power button and wait a few seconds longer.
  • Once again turn on the Mac.

In reading the MacBook camera not working guide that is not working you must remember that most of the time your camera works perfectly. 

Except that your Mac will build all sorts of unnecessary files that could slow it down. No wonder then the Mac webcam might not work. 

Regular cleanups of systems-automatically-are the best advice. Use apps such as CleanMyMac X to clean, protect, and optimize the performance of your machine to achieve the state it used to be.

Sort the old unused file and random app caches by CleanMyMac X optimizing and keeping tools, and help you to uninstall unnecessary apps without leaving any bits behind your drive. 

The app also scans and neutralizes thousands of malware threats, handles gigabytes of disk space taken from the email attachments that you have never downloaded, as well as deletes histories, cookies, and caches from all browsers that you use. Everything in one click.


Why is the camera on my mac not working?

A reboot can be done by going to the Apple Menu in the upper left corner of your Mac and clicking the Reboot button. 

If processes use the camera in the background, the problem can be solved by restarting it, so you have complete camera access again.

How do I enable my camera on my mac?

Select Apple menu > System Preferences on your Mac, click on Safeguards and Privacy, and then click Privacy. 

Choose Camera. To control your camera, pick a tickbox next to a button.

How do I fix No camera available on my Mac?

So if you can not restart a computer for one reason or another, we will show you another way to quickly repair the error message and get the camera work again on the Mac. 

If you have time, just reboot it, it will almost definitely fix it.

How do I fix my Macbook Pro camera not connected?

  • Use the integrated Mac camera.
  • Switch on the camera: 
  • Open an application, such as FaceTime, Texts, or Photo Booth, on your Computer. 
  • There is a green light next to the camera that indicates the camera is on.
  • Turn off the camera: close or stop all applications that can use the camera on your Mac.

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