Past to Present Scenario of Cyber Security

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Cyber Security: Past to Present Scenario 

As technology and the use of the internet is the essential need for all of us to become more advance and digital we all are heading towards the more advancement and a better world. But with the increasing usage of technology one should need to be aware of the security and how to be protected from the unknown-threats and bad actors known as cyber criminals.

Everything which is on the growing stage has some point of start which becomes its history.

In this article, before going back on the time of the starting stage of Cyber Security first we need to get a basic understanding of what actual cyber security is?

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is the approach implements to protect your computer systems, Mobile Devices, Organization internal networks, Electronic Equipments, Web applications, from cyber attacks and unknown cyber threats, misuse.

In the era of modern technology and digitalization, from one person to whole organizations all are being connected with the internet by Devices, social platforms, emails, and many more. On growing use of technology makes us more alert and aware of the terms like malware, ransomware, cyber-threats, DDOS attacks, phishing, spoofing, etc…

History of Cyber Security

Those were the time when no malware, ransomware has existed. The warmth was less harmful than today’s attacks and malware. How did we get from there to here is the biggest tragedy.

The journey started From Creeper to Reaper: 1970s

The year 1970 was the beginning of Cyber Security, a researcher named Bob Thomas who was the part of the research project with ARPANET (The Advanced Research Project Agency Network ) created a Computer program which was able to move through ARPANET and computers connected with it, it was displaying a message on the screen like “I’m The Creeper, catch me if you can”.

After a year it was declared as a warm, and it was the first step towards the cyber warm which can be move from one pc to another, and it became a reason to create antivirus named “Reaper”, this was the first antivirus and a perfect tool to overcome from the creeper.

Cyber Crimes Series started: 1980s

As time has passed, computers became the essential part of each, computer virus also on the stage of advancement and became more powerful day by day those information security systems needed to be more capable to cope up with the broadside of hacking approaches.

In 1986, Russians turns their cyber skills as a cyber weapon which was a cause of damage to information, a German computer hacker Marcus Hess was employed by Russians to steal US military secrets.

He hacked over 400 military computers including mainframes at a pentagon, and sell their secrets to KGB, but unfortunately, he was failed to do that.

After two years in 1988, Morris warm was coming into the frame of cyber crimes one of the major turning points in the history of Information Security.

Those were the time network usage was expanded more among universities, military, and government sectors.

This means the security needs to become more powerful and expensive as well.

The men after this warm were Robert Morris who has invented this warm to spread among network, intrude the terminals using a known bug and then copy itself.

However, its strength was proven as its weakness somehow, as it was replicating itself aggressively among the connected computers made all of them inoperable and slowed the internet down and its rate of crawl too.

It caused severe damage and so that Robert Morris became the first person charged under the Computer Fraud and Misuse act. and as a result, the Computer Emergency Response Team was introduced to prevent this type of cyber crime.

In the 1980s ARPANET has known as the Internet and become more available to the peoples as the world wide web by 1989.

The 1990s: Beginning of the Security with Firewall innovation

As internet usage was increasing day by day and peoples were getting available their personal information over the internet and the technology was enlarging itself the network needs to be secure and safe.

First-generation firewalls were used in the early stage of the 1990s, it was identifying the false packets in the network through packet filtering rules which discarded the network data packets through analyzing information and filtering the network packets traffic.

This firewall leaves a great impact on filtering the network packets, and these firewalls developed the next generation as ‘stateful’ filters. The data packets were retained by this firewall till its all the information got reveal about its state.

After that, the ‘connection state’ rule was added that helps to do easy filtering but the problem cause of filling firewalls connection state memory by fake connection packets.

To overcome this issue, an application firewall known as Firewall Toolkit was introduced in 1994 by Marcus Ranum, Wei Xu, and Peter Churchyard, this application firewalls could identify that whether the communication protocol is misapplied to bypass the firewall on an allowed port or not.

Firewalls were proven as a strong user authentication tool, helps to enforce the network security policies and logging network activity.

Over the time of 2000s:

Internet was enlarging, from each organization to each person, everyone is available on it, it became an essential part of technology.

As small to large data were moving through the internet, data breaches approaches were obvious.

There were many data breaches and attempts to steal the data were recorded during the time of 2000s, some of the major data breaches were noted down during this time.

And so the inventions and innovations of cyber security were also introduced by the time and so many are still on growing stage to prevent the data and information on the global platform.

The current state of Cyber Security is much better than the past, the world is running towards technology and Artificial Intelligence.

We all are dependent on the internet and all the essential needs to live life are also available in the form of E-Commerce and E-Governance carried out over the internet.

The only way is to protect and prevent ourselves from the Cyberthreat, be alert, and stay safe!

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