How To Disable Compatibility Assistant in Windows 10

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Turn off Program Compatibility Assistant – PCA

In Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10, a compatibility assistant runs in the background (in use). 

It seems intended to help prevent if the software is not officially compatible with such Windows versions.

However, it also happens that the wizard is wrong, and that a fully compatible software is in the list, or perhaps you know what you are doing and that you do not want to see the window appear, such as :

Disable Program Compatibility Assistant - Windows 10
Disable Program Compatibility Assistant – Windows 10

When you install software, Windows 7 then displays a window asking if the installation went well, which it does 99% of the time. You can turn off this message, which can get quite annoying in the long run.

Step 1: Trun off and Disable Program Compatibility Assistant Service In Window 10

  • Click on the Start button, or you can press Windows Button + R.
  • In the Search field, enter the command services.msc and validate with Enter.
  • Windows 10 compatibility assistant
    Windows 10 compatibility assistant
  • Double click on Program Compatibility Assistant Service
  • Expand the Startup type list and select the Disabled option 
  • Disable Compatibility Assistant in Windows 10
    Disable Compatibility Assistant in Windows 10
  • Then click on Stop
  • Finally, click on the OK button and close the Services console window
  • The Program Compatibility Assistant window will no longer be displayed after installing software.

What is Program Compatibility Assistant?

  • When a user launches a program, if that program is on a list of programs that are known to have compatibility issues, then PCA informs the user of this.
  • In these instances, the program will run, but the user will be presented with a dialog box indicating known compatibility issues.

How do I turn off Compatibility Assistant in Windows 7?

  • Click on Start and type in services. msc, hit enter.
  • Turn off Compatibility Assistant in Windows 7
    Turn off Compatibility Assistant in Windows 7
  • Scroll down the list from the window, which appears until you visit program compatibility helper support.
  • Highlight the ceremony.
  • Click it and choose properties.
  • Besides startup type, pick disable.
  • Click on the use button.
  • Finally, all set, click on OK.

How To Turn Off Windows Program Compatibility?

    • Go to your Downloads folder or the place where you saved the installer files.
    • Right-click on the Visual Studio Installer image.
    • You can see the Properties here; select it.
    • There are some tabs. Go to the Compatibility tab.
    • Look for the Compatibility Mode section. Uncheck “Run this program in compatibility mode for:
    • All set at the last Restart the installation

What is program compatibility troubleshooter?

  • Windows includes an integrated tool named Program Compatibility Troubleshooter, which may automatically resolve some compatibility issues for you.
    In the event the troubleshooter can not repair the issue, you can manually create a program operate in a compatibility manner, which will conduct the program with all the settings in a previous version of Windows.


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