What Does MIP 67 Error Mean on Android? and How to Fix It?

What Does MIP 67 Error Mean on Android? and How to Fix It?
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How to Fix  MIP 67 Error in Android?

You might have seen a pop-up error message of MIP 67 error. The MIP 67 error appears in any of the mobile networks.

There is not any particular reason effect behind MIP 67. The reason can be varied.

This is usually seen in Samsung and Motorola’s sprint and android mobile phones. 

MIP 67 Error

Techpeat is here to guide our tech gigs with How to Fix MIP 67 Error. Any mobile error can be annoying.

This error takes place while you connect your mobile phone with the internet via mobile data. The error shows us that mobile is not able to access data. 

MIP stands for Mobile Internet Protocol. This particular protocol is working the establish an android mobile connection with the Internet.

When users might get the error of MIP: 67, it comes so frequently. This Error is generating with authentication failure on Code division multiple access.

As a result that it will show continuous errors to the users.

How to Fix It MIP 67 Error?

There are multiple reasons about the mip:67. The error is received on mobile with the pop-up message and “Dismiss” option with it.

Here we have some short solutions to get rid of this phone error.  

System Updates

One of the best solutions for error is to do system updates. We might get many system update notifications in the update pending list.

You must make it updated with your approval. 

To make a system update from mobile settings, you need to follow these steps. Firstly find the phone settings.

Then navigate for the System and choose the system updates and downloaded updates.

After system updates, you can resolve MIP 67 boost mobile even.

HBoot Recovery

The HBoot recovery is software. That will help you to reach out to the earlier stage. This S/W will bring you back to the boot loader screen

The benefit of going back to the older version is, the latest happening error will not affect your android or sprint device.

After using this method in the tablet you will get rid of the MIP 67 error tablet.

PRL Update

One of the reasons for the error in your device is low network connections. Users have to check for the full network availability at their usage point.

Each device is provided with the equipment serial number. That serial number must be in connection with your SIM card.

If there is any non-compatibility take place then it will generate a sprint MIP 67 error.

You can solve it with device settings. Go to device settings and make a hit on Update PRL options and give a quick restart to your device.

Reset Battery

This method is worth trying when we have a MIP 67 error on the screen.

You can simply open your mobile backside and try to remove the battery from it.

Also, check for the attached nodes for the time of reinstallation.

Now again install the battery. You need to reboot the device after battery installation. 

MSID change

Your device is required an MSID configuration. MSID stands for Mobile Station ID. The mistake in the MSID configuration will generate an error MIP 67.

You can get a new MSID or contact your service provider for the same. 

Enter ##847446# from your dial pad and press the call button. Now choose a cell phone from the given options and press the OK button.

After that click for MSID. You will be given a space to enter a new MSID taken from the service provider. At last restart your device.

Reboot Device

The reboot of any device is considered a quick solution for any problem. You can apply the same technic for this MIP error.

For that do a click on the reboot option. It will reboot your device and restart all functions of the device.

When you do a quick restart, the Mobile data network will establish again. And the error will get resolved.

Network Settings

The user needs to change on mobile network settings and the error will disappear. You need to go for the “Settings” menu. Now choose the “Network” options.

Go to the “More” options and select the “Mobile Network”. You will find options to change the network from CDMA to LTE. 

After the change, you need to update your profile. For that, find the “General” options from “Settings”. After that, the internet connection will start working.


What does LTE ESM-0 EMM-19 MIP 67 mean?

If any user might haven’t paid their connection charges or forgot to pay and connect will cut off in auto. At that time you will face such an error.

How do I get rid of the MIP 67 error? 

This is unbearable to get the frequent error of MIP 67 on your device.

You can easily achieve an error-free mobile with the use of the above-given fixes.

This became necessary to get rid of the given error. 

Why does my phone say Mobile IP registration response error?

A mobile phone node is important to register your mobile to the network.

This will raise the question of How do I get rid of the Mobile IP registration response error? But, this error is generated with the wrong data.

You can recheck for the same and provide the correct data to solve the error.

How do I fix my sprint MIP 67?

Yes, this is possible to fix your sprint MIP 67 errors. This quite happens in mobile.

You can apply the article’s given steps to solve the error.


The above-given fixes are important to resolve the MIP 67 error. You can follow these given steps and it will work well.

Also, you can switch over to the WI-FI connection as one of the very quick solutions.

Techpeat is always available with advanced technical support. Hope you guys enjoy being on our website. 

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