Download Voloco for PC | Free for Windows & Mac in 2021

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Yes, Voloco invites you to the world of auto-tuning in real-time. This is a Resonant Cavity Android device and just 7.7 MB.

The app provides you with a wide range of music albums from which to select and listen and rap. And Voloco starts on the key of the singer, and even on the right pitch.

The app also helps you to take videos while you sing and to post them on the favorite social media sites.

Voloco Auto-Tune is a premium app, but you can still make beautiful voice recordings by means of the free edition.

You have four different effects to use in the free edition, which allow you to construct different topics. The Grand Chorus, hard tunes, vocoders, and natural tunes are the four results.

Although Grand Chorus allows a user to build a song and to harmonize it to 7 voices, Hard Tune allows a user to use the classic “auto tuning” effect.

In the free version, the other two effects, Vocoder and Natural Tune are less important.

The ‘soundtrack’ function that supports the sound song is an important feature of Voloco. But it works only when the headphones are paired. When voice recording is complete, by using the “auto tuning” the result can be heard.

Save it in your Android directory or share it on other installed apps if you like what you see.

While all this mouthwatering functionality is available on the Android play store, it’s sad to learn that Voloco is only available for the Mac

The great news is possible to exploit Voloco’s maximum capacity on PCs (Mac or Windows OS).

You understand each move required for downloading and installing Voloco on Windows 7, 8, 10, and Mac OS from this tutorial.

Where to download and install Voloco App on your computer?

  • The procedure requires the use of an application and we will use the BlueStacks emulator in this tutorial.
  • In your Mac or Windows PC, this is To start installing an emulator file, click on bold “Call to Action” – DOWNLOAD.
  • When you complete the download, find the file and install it on your computer. Make sure that you follow all installation instructions – however, it’s easy!
  • After installation, choose your favorite language to log in to the Play Store (available on BlueStacks) using the existing Gmail account.
  • Using the Play Store search bar to search for and download Voloco. If the app is done, press “Open” and continue bending with the voice recorder “auto-tun.”


You may have recently learned of the Voloco Voice Tune feature. It is an application for voice synthesis incorporating automatic tuning in real-time and pitch shifting.

This program enables you to automatically change your language to construct songs from any word or expression you speak.

Voloco Auto Voice Tune application lets you get the desired effect in automatic online mode quickly.

This means that you can record and adjust the intonation of your voice in order to pick the song. You can also be sure your voice is processed and playback-ready. The features of this app are as follows.

The free version of this app has 4 different effects which allow you to fully produce different tones.

The Major Chorus, Strong Tune, SuperVocoder, and Natural Tune. The major choir will render a song with seven harmonized voices.

The “Hard Tunes” makes the classic automatic tuning effect on the other hand. The ‘SuperVocoder‘ and ‘Natural Tune‘ are both fantastic results for you.

You may use this optional feature while using this program. Using this feature, you may add a song to the background in order to keep it in a continuous mood. However, only if you have headphones is this feature successful.

Each of your audio files will be stored in an MP4 format. Therefore, you won’t have to think about the inadequacy of these audio files for other devices.

You can listen to this with the Auto-tune effect when you have finished recording your voice. You can then save and even post it on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram.

This app’s interface is easy to use. This app is therefore ideal for beginners who want to go into the world of music.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD voloco auto tune for pc :

The 2 methods for  voloco auto tune for pc free download:

#1 Auto Tune in PC are as follows:

Auto tuning on the PC with the BlueStacks App Player install Voloco

#2 Use Nox Game Player to auto tunes in Mac.

Following are some other apps like voloco for pc :

Reason :

The reason is a virtual studio rack that contains all of the instruments and instruments you need to make music for your ideas.

Reason Studios

Voxal :

Change, disguise, and change your voice through Voxal Voice Changer in any application or game that uses a microphone to increase the creative dimension.

Voxal Voice Changer

Talented Hack :

An Autotalent Pitch Correction LV2 plugin This plugin should work the same as Autotalent but not auto talent.

The Talent Hack

How to record on voloco?

Tap the large plus “+” button to open the recording studio in Voloco.

When you are in the recording studio, tap the big red circle button to begin recording. Tap the red button again to stop recording.

See the video we have posted for further details on how to start Voloco recording.

Voloco download for pc with bluestacks download :

How to Download & Install Voloco Emulator app on PC

Step 1: On PC, either on Mac or on Windows, you can visit

Step 2: When the download is finished, find the file and install it.

How to download voloco Pro APK free download?

This is ModHunters, so you need not wait to download a dinner on our website for any modded devices.

Voloco Pro is easy to download, see the following steps.

  • Underneath, press Open.
  • The download page will be forwarded.
  • Check the captcha for verification.
  • You will automatically start the download.

FAQs :

What is Voloco?

Voloco is an application that combines in real time automatic tuning, harmony, and vocoding.

Select a track that can be sung or raped in your beat library, and Voloco can design and adapt your voice to the track key.

Best way to use Voloco in PC?

The BlueStacks app on your computer needs to be downloaded and installed first.

When the setup process is completed, start the BlueStacks on your PC and search for Voloco: Autotune + Harmony by pressing “My App” in the emulator.

What are the features available in Voloco for PC?

Voloco is a voice processing application that combines vocoding, harmony, and real-time automation.

Some of the following are:

Capturing in MP4 containers can be compressed.

It provides soft automatic tuning.

Seven-voice effect of rendering harmonization.

Classic autotune makes users happy.

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