How To Download & Play Free Fire On PC?

How To Download & Play Free Fire On PC?
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Free Fire is one of the most well-liked freely available battleground games that is played by many smartphone users. It starts with up to fifty players jumping from an aircraft utilizing a parachute on the island and look for utility items, weapons, medical equipment, and other things for killing each other.  Let’s read below some good tips to download and play Free Fire on PC.

The battlefield keeps shrinking, forcing all the players to restrict to a smaller space and to face even more encounters. The final player or the team that stays alive wins the entire game. Unlike Fortnite and PUBG, this game takes up both less storage and resources. Well, if you desire to play it on macOS or Windows computer, you are reading the correct post. So here is a detailed guide on how you can download and play Garena Free Fire on a Windows computer.

Why Utilize Emulator For Playing Garena Free Fire On Computer?

Playing this game on the computer is absolutely much better than playing on your smartphone. A larger screen coupled with mouse and keyboard-based controls is two major advantages of playing this game on the computer. Moreover, there’s less lag and advantages such as the capability of using the script.

Emulators You Can Use For Playing Garena Free Fire On Computer:

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An excellent method of doing so is to download the Android emulator. The emulator can simulate android devices on the PC, allowing you to download applications you locate on the Play Store, comprising Free Fire. The emulator provides you almost all of the fantastic features of the real Android device. 

You can state the device location, simulate the incoming text messages and phone calls, simulate rotation and different other excellent hardware sensors, simulate diverse network speeds, access your Play Store, and more. Emulators can assist you in playing Free Fire on a computer:

Blue Stacks (English):

BlueStacks is a fantastic emulator created for running Android apps on computers running MS Windows and macOS. Here is how you to utilize BlueStacks for downloading Free Fire on your computer.

  • First, download and install this emulator on the computer.
  • Finish the Google log-in for accessing the Play Store.
  • Look for Free Fire using the search bar.
  • Choose and install Free Fire from the displayed list.
  • Click on the Free Fire icon from the home screen for playing.

GameLoop (Chinese):

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GameLoop (formerly recognized as Tencent Gaming Buddy) is an excellent gaming emulator created by Tencent. This emulator, according to the official web, needs just two GB of RAM for running, making it perfect for low-end systems. Here is how you to utilize GameLoop for downloading Garena Free Fire on a computer:

  • First, download  gameloop from install the emulator.
  • Click the Game section and look for your game.
  • After installation, run your emulator and sign in. 
  • On its main screen, you can easily look for the game using the search bar.
  • Click download.
  • Wait for it to finish and install your game. 

There’re other emulators also available such as Prime OS, MEmu, and NoxPlayer, for downloading your game on the computer. However, a lot of such emulators run into issues or crash upon opening. A few other emulators can be potentially damaging to the PC, installing spyware, malware, and viruses. Numerous are not from the verified publishers, so ensure you’ve a great antivirus installed and active on the PC before trying to download anything. 

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