Disadvantages of Data Protection

Disadvantages of Data Protection
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We always believe to take perfect security for our mobile or pc database. But there are so many drawbacks of any secured system. As per recent example is WhatsApp’s new Data Policy! If you don’t know, then do check it. WhatsApp users are little in blue mood after that come in news. Data security is most important thing in digital era. We already published an article about disadvantages of cyber security also. But also there is some Disadvantages of Data Security. Let’s check in detail about how?

Well here we are going to look over cons of data security. It can contain following topics.

Disadvantages of Data Protection

  • Data security is required high maintenance of it. It can not be managed by very few operations. It gains much time and effort to make that secure.
  • You are putting your most valuable business data on the faith of security application, but do you know there is not any worldwide deal happen on data management policy yet.
  • One of the disadvantages of data security is, it is quite cost consuming. If one needs to secure their data, they need to invest from their pocket.
  • After putting your data under security, you need to get well trained staff, which can manage and maintain it for long future.
  • In business purposes data stake, we might have many important personal details such banking. What if, it will go under terrorist hand? You can lose your lifetime income in fraction of time.
  • Hacking is biggest challenge in terms of data security. Recently we can find many websites as well as social media accounts are being hacked and ask for money. You never know how it happens under your eye.
  • Weak data security can impact a bad image in the market. Moreover you won’t be able to build trust of users and consumers after that.
  • Data breach is quite common now a day. Many protection systems are itself insecure. Some eye-catching example are,
  • State bank of India recently put their 422 million consumer data on risk.
  • Hack of 6.8 million user data from Indian Health Based website.
  • Over 1.3 billion Indian credit and debit card holder details were on sold in October 2020.
  • India’s nuclear power plant and ISRO site were hacked by hackers after full data security.
  • Hackers can hack any time if there is any less data security on your server. Hackers also sell user data and make “FOR SELL” liable on it. Once if it will go to wrong hands it can be such dangerous thing.
  • Most of data loss is done by internal person or employee only.
  • Data security covers all such points like control of access, data integrity, availability of good system, data encryption and data auditing which is quite difficult to manage for any business project.
  • As per research conducted around 40% breaks in security we occurred in spite of good firewall and other security tools.
  • Data security must be checked on if it has got tempered or again get fitted to our information database.
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For data security first of all we need to be quite aware about major challenges and main focus point of it.  We can say this is much true for data security. We all must take on a serious note on all disadvantage of data security to before choosing your secured network.

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