What Is com.osp.app.signin? Everything You Need to Know

What Is com.osp.app.signin? Everything You Need to Know
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com.osp.app.signin is available in Samsung devices with preinstallation. This is a package file from android. This is related to Account sign-in. Sometimes users face com osp app signin has stopped the issue. That’s what we are here to explain in depth. 

About OSP

Being a user, we have different devices like laptops, tablets, Smartphone, etc. The com osp app signin apk sign in each device we access. The same login credential in a different device may create a big confusion for it. 

“Other Service Provider” is an abbreviation of OSP. The user’s Google account is connecting with all other apps almost.

In that, the com osp app will show all the data into in. The Samsung device app will access your device data attached with google account and refresh it.

Young technocrats switch their device quite frequently. We may need to shift all data from an old device to the new one. Now we have used com.osp.app.signing This will smoothly transfer all data. 

Users may need to know more about it because this will run into your device continuously.

The com.osp.app.signin works in the background. Many users also think that this is a spyware or cheating application in the device. But primarily, this is not true. 

About com.osp.app.signin

com.osp.app.signin is working as a support package for the Samsung android phone. Using this app users can signin with the same account from another device. In short, this app is completely faithful and reliant on its users.

com.osp.app.signin is highly needed to switch one device’s data into another. User can easily switch their all contact details and save important contacts. Users do not need to take much effort for the same.

The easy data change will save both time and effort and get rid of spending energy on all these settings. This way it will make our Smartphone dedicated and handy. 

Attribute of com.osp.app.signin

Samsung Application: IoT – Internet of Things is available with Samsung application. There are many things like smart television sets, smart lights, smart refrigerators, and smartwatches.  

Samsung Health: This will actually most useful feature of the Samsung device. This will include fitness games, expert’s health, and fitness videos.

You can take it apart and join a fitness program with it. This way you do not need to find anything else for your health and fitness care. 

Penup: The Samsung Galaxy smartphone will give a community platform. This is dedicated art interested people. This is some new and creative to join with.

Samsung Member: Samsung member is available on Samsung Galaxy devices. You can be a member of it and became a part of a large community. This will offer Samsung device feature services and troubleshooting. 

Find my device: This will help you find your Samsung smartphone using the internet. When you lost your device this will play a key role to find it back.

Safe Folder: This Folder is especially available for users’ secrete files and data. This will create a password-protected folder. This will store and manage your secret file and pictures into it.

Unfortunately com.osp.app.signin has stopped

Some of the time users face com.osp.app.signin has stopped popup message. We have some recommendations for you guys.

You can apply the com.osp.app.signin site:forums.androidcentral.com and sort out the issue. 

Clear Cache

The first thing you need to do is reboot the wi-fi device. Also, give a permit for all up-gradation approval. This will solve an error many times.

To clear the cache data, reach the “settings” of your Samsung device. In that navigate for the app menu and choose “show system apps”.

Here you need to search for com.osp.app.signin.

Go to the storage option and clear all cache data from it. You can restart the device and check for com.osp.app.signin has stopped error has gone.

Version Update

The latest version update is always necessary for any app or software. You can update it from the “setting” menu. You can search for “biometrics and security”. Here you need to give permission for the update.

On the “Allow update from here” options. Now you can the latest version of the com.osp.app.signin via the internet and reboot your smartphone.


What is COM OSP app signin used for? 

You can define com.osp.app.signin as mainly available for using secure data transmission.

This will also keep the user account of the Samsung galaxy user. Also, this will avail different facilities like a safe folder, Samsung member, Samsung pen, Samsung health, find my device from used com.osp.app.signin

What is the S Suggest app? 

S suggest app is Samsung application will make you available with device compatible famous application. The user needs to get connected to the internet this will start working.

What is Wssyncmldm? 

Wssyncmldm is an android device update system application. This app will provide you update suggestion and changed the status of it. This will take data from device-installed apps.

 What is Samsung Account?

Samsung account is considered as a free united member service. User can avail the all service of Samsung account in their Samsung smartphone, Samsung tv, Samsung tablets, and other Samsung device.

User account will be created once and you can switch over the device any number of times. You do not need to do the sign-up process multiple times what is com osp signin called. This will create ease of access and save time.

Is com.osp.app.signin is secure or not?

The user may have a question about what is com.osp.app.signin? So, the Samsung com.osp.app.signin is considered as most secure. This will run in the phone background continuously.

This will provide full data and file security. Some people count it as a harmful app but it is not in actuality. Also, this is available for secure data transfer from one to another device. 


com.osp.app.signin is a very useful app for your smartphone. Users must keep that on their devices. Also, there is no interference in the user’s privacy from the app side.

If you need to gather further assistance you can also contact Samsung’s official osp app store. But we can assure you that the above-given article will let you understand all about com.osp.app.signin.

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