How To Save iPhone Pictures To Snapfish?

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Your iPhone has an easy to use a camera that captures all your memories with good clarity and make all the photos a life long moments.

One can access all the images on a pc or laptop, but the process is long.

You have to make an account on the iTunes and then log in to it and after that transfer all the images via iTunes.

Instead of this long process, you can use the Snapfish app from the app store and share all the pictures from the gallery.

The transfer is quick, and all it needs is 3G or Wi-Fi access.

What Is Snapfish?

Snapfish is an online service or platform that lets the user share or store the photos.

You can also share pictures, print pictures and create personalized gifts and albums.

Using Snapfish, you can save all the pictures safely online. It does not hold the space on your pc.

As a backup, online storage is also a good idea as you will get all the photos whenever you want as the original or without destroying.

You can create an album online and share the albums or photos online with the one whom you want through email.

Even you can allow friends or family members to access some of the albums or all albums.

Upload Photos On The Go:

With the Snapfish app on your iPhone, you can upload all the photos that you have taken from your iPhone and the good part is it does not need to transfer it to your computer.

You can instantly take a back up of your pictures, and it does not need to transfer the pictures on the pc or laptop.

Even when you are away from your pc like somewhere outside for holiday or vacation, you can access all the images.

With a good internet connection, you can easily upload the images instantly from your iPhone and then remove those images from the device to get free space for upcoming photos.

Get Photos Within No Time:

You can get the access of the Snapfish account from your iPhone.

So you do not need any other device as you can see all the uploaded images from your iPhone and find the pic that is not on your phone.

Through this app, you can share the photos, send the photos via email or text message links.

Getting the App:

On your iPhone, the Snapfish app is easy to find, and it is free to install.

Go to the Apple App Store from the device and click on “Search” from the bottom of the screen.

Here type “Snapfish” in the search bar and click on search.

Now open the free app and click on buy and then install.

Keep in mind that you need to login to the iTunes account if you not logged in.


How to upload the photos to a specific album?

Choose the photos and click on “Upload“. Next, choose the album where you want to save or create a new album.

When I open the app, why my all photos appear?

The app displays all the images automatically in the app but to upload the image you have to choose all the images that you want to upload.

Is the quality of the images can affect while uploading?

No, in most of the cases the photos are uploaded as it is with the same size and resolution.

How to solve error while uploading photos?

Due to a large number of images, an uploading error can occur. So try to upload 50-100 images at a time to avoid such a situation.

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