5 Reasons Why SMBs Need Managed IT Services

5 Reasons Why SMBs Need Managed IT Services
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Technology has reached a level of sophistication and accessibility that the majority of businesses worldwide could not compete in their sector without it. Technology has made us able to communicate instantly, achieve levels of efficiency and productivity that were once inconceivable.

Larger businesses are able to implement more, and newer, technology than small to medium-sized businesses. However, there are ways in which SMBs can utilize technology in better ways – by adopting Managed IT Services to manage their IT infrastructure. TechQuarters, an IT Managed Services company based in London, spoke with us about the benefits of Managed IT Services for SMB organizations.


Better customer service

Managed IT Services involve outsourcing the management, maintenance, and support of your IT infrastructure to an external provider – a Managed IT Service Provider, or ‘MSP’. With an MSP, you often get better and more extensive customer service. For example, TechQuarters has invested time in hiring IT engineers from all over the world, so that their virtual IT helpdesk will always have engineers on call, which enables them to offer 24/7 support services.


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A wider pool of expertise

Managed IT Support services are more cost-effective for the level of expertise you are getting access to. Your Managed IT Service provider has spent time building a team of highly trained engineers with the expertise to manage any issue that their customers may face. In comparison, it would take a lot of time and money for an SMB to develop a team like that internally. So, an SMB can get instant access to a wider pool of expertise when partnering with a Managed IT Service provider.



Many IT Support providers have also Managed IT Service providers because it is important for customers to be able to scale their service. TechQuarters informed us that many customers start out with IT Support services, but as they see more and more benefits, they decide to scale up to full-blown Managed IT Services.

The great thing about Managed IT Services is that it makes it easy for an SMB to increase the scope of their IT strategy. If they want to acquire more servers, or onboard more users onto a service they use, this can all be managed by their provider.


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Opportunities to upgrade

Another difference between outsourced IT Support and Managed IT Services is that your provider can also help you upgrade your IT infrastructure. Many MSPs offer digital transformation services, as well as ad-hoc project services to implement hardware, or software into the customers’ IT environment.

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