How To Solve Unable To Authenticate Pokemon Go

How To Solve Unable To Authenticate Pokemon Go
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How do I solve unable to authenticate pokemon go?

Many Pokemon Go players face the problem and announce an error they have on their phones saying they have not been able to authenticate Pokemon Go since Pokemon Go’s first release. The entire error message reads as “Try again please can not authenticate” and the player is thrown out of the Pokemon ‘s main GUI. 

It seemed earlier that players with specific devices had to deal with such problems only, but we learned that both iOS and Android users were facing that mistake by means of online complaints. There are several ways to prevent Pokemon from authenticating.

To resolve this error, simply follow the instructions and steps given in this article.

Pokemon GO became one of the world’s most famous games in a very short time. we are sure you like to play and find your favorite Pokemon. But if you find it difficult to log on to your account and get a “Pokemon GO can’t authenticate” error, we’ll help you to resolve that.

The game has been revised several times to avoid GPS spoofing by falsifying its location and capturing stronger Pokemon.

If you’ve been playing the game since it was launched, you ‘d know it doesn’t support Android rooted computer, so you don’t have it to download so play Pokemon GO APK.

Besides this, people in Pokemon Go are also facing “unable to authentically” errors and if you have faced them then here are some simple steps to fix them.

Things to be done before these solutions are tried:

They typically neglect small issues and may have to fix the error. And you should test these things before you take these steps to prevent errors from being authenticated or errors from being authenticated when logging in.

See the state of your server:

There may be a server problem. However, server problems are very rare now compared to Pokemon Go in previous days.

If you have an error you have failed to authenticate, or you can not log in, because 30-40% of the Pokemon Go players face this error due to server issues, you should only scroll through the folder.

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You need to test your country’s Pokemon Go server status. On the official troubleshooting site of Pokemon Go, you can find and review the server status of Pokemon Go.

When you don’t have a computer, you can just wait for the developer to solve it.

Update verification:

Whenever a new update or a new game version is released, this error often occurs.

So try always to get the latest game update because all of the bugs have been fixed.

Interoperability with Test mobile device:

Make sure your smartphone is Pokemon Go compatible before proceeding with the solution.

Pokemon Go is supported by telephones with the following settings according to the support forum.

Unless your device does not have any of the following, you will be unable to authenticate a mistake.

Rooted and Jailbroken Computer for Pokemon Go:

Please note that on rooted Android television and Jailbroken iOs, Pokemon Go is not supported.

The developers are trying to save Pokemon from root and jailbreak bots and scarpers.

If someone is still a legit player, then he can not play on those smartphones because they can give hackers a path.

That’s the key reason why Pokemon is forbidden from using root and prison systems.

However, hackers have been able to solve this problem themselves.

Not everyone who has Android rooted devices and iPhones in prison. But we won’t go on with that subject today.

Solution for Authentication of Pokemon Go or Authentication failure:

This error appeared first in the iOS version of the game and was only encountered by users using their Pokemon Trainer Club account.

It also started, however, to appear on Android devices and later appeared for those who used the Google account to log in.

The steps towards resolving the error are quite simple and you can resolve it if you face these problems, no matter which phone you use or how you log in!

Below are all solutions for fixing the game ‘s authentication error. You can link to your Pokemon Go account and begin to catch Pokemon again by following the steps.

Check your server status and connection :

You have to test if the game servers operate and run or are they facing downtimes before you do anything else.

To do so, you can click on the connection below to check whether or not your servers are operating.

The reason why you can not log in to your account maybe if the game servers are down. All you have to do in this case is wait until the servers are again active and the game will begin.

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However, if you still face a login error and the servers are active and operating correctly, then you will have to follow the following steps to fix your problem.

If you are using Google to sign in accounts:

When you are signed in with your Google account and you still can not authenticate an error in Pokemon GO, take the following steps:

  • You should uninstall it and then download the new version from your smartphone if you use the old version of the Pokemon GO. You can access the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store for the latest version of the game.
  • Now on your phone, switch on the “Airplane Mode.”
  • Launch your smartphone on Pokemon GO and wait until it is fully loaded.
  • Hold your phone only until you hit the login screen in Airplane mode. You can also see a pop-up saying that there is no Internet or GPS on your phone. Ignore it and wait until the loading game!
  • When you see the Google login and PTC login screen, turn off the airplane mode.
  • Turn on your computer and the GPS location to Internet access and wait for error messages to go away.
  • Now you can go to your Pokemon GO account without any problems by clicking the Google button.

You can thus correct the pokemon go unable to authenticate google, to access your account when not authenticating your smartphone.

If you are using the PTC Sign-in account:

You have to take each of the steps below if you use your account in the Pokemon Trainer Club to play the game.

If the method of airplane mode is not working, go to the following steps to solve this problem.

  • You first have to clear the cache on your smartphone.
  • Exit the game and go to Settings > Apps and select Pokemon GO if it’s opened on your device.
  • Now remove both the cache and the game data.
  • Start the app again and ask you again to give the necessary permissions.
  • To access your Pokemon GO account, use your PTC login credentials.

If the cache and the app data are not clearing the trick, try rebooting the app to fix the mistake you can’t authenticate. To do so:

  • Go to Settings > Computer applications.
  • Click the Stop Force button to pick the Pokemon GO.

After doing that, open your device’s Pokemon GO game and see if it solves the problem.

If none of these methods works to fix the authentication error when logging in using your PTC account, contact Niantic help.

Write to them about a “Pokemon GO error can’t authenticate” and explain the password you use. In the next 48 hours, you’d probably be given a response.

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If you can not access your Pokemon GO account, you can test whether or not you are prohibited. Niantic controls the game specifically so that players don’t cheat on bots or tools; so if you use these methods, you’re probably banned from play.

Check the related e-mail account when Niantic e-mails all players banned from playing the game to prevent them from playing. If you see such an email in your mailbox, the reason for your failure to login is clear.

However, if you used the PTC account to play the game in the past and you are signed in to Google Account, you will be created a new Pokemon GO account and all the data will have to be lost.

Conclusion :

These are all methods you can use to solve the error in Pokemon GO which you can’t authenticate.

The game improves with new updates and more events with new features coming into the game.

It is also rumored that Pokemon Generation 2 will make its debut soon as well!

You can also share the item with your friends if you want and can repair your Pokemon GO without authenticating error on your computer by using the above steps.


How do I fix unable to authenticate?

  • Check server status.
  • Internet contact.
  • Pokémon upgrade Go to the newest edition.
  • Clearing cache and game data.
  • Make sure you update your operating system for your phone.

How do you authenticate Pokemon go?

Follow these steps to test whether you have selected Pokémon GO on your account with the Pokémon Trainer Club (PTC).

Select Save in from the left navigation bar to go to

Please enter your username and password to verify that you have approved the terms of the use of Pokémon GO.

How do I authenticate my Pokemon account on Google?

Try to log out and log back in from your account. If you use Android, try to remove permissions from your Google account setup from Pokemon Go and reinstall the app after that.

You may be interested in ensuring you log in with the right Google account to the game as well.

How do I recover my Pokemon Go account? 

  • Open the app and tap the Pokéball to register from your new and empty Pokémon GO account.
  • To register in a new account, press the Google button.
  • Tap the Google button again once you’ve signed out the second time.

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