How To Disable Ads on The New Tab Page in Firefox

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Firefox is the open-source browser that biggest focus is user privacy and many additional things, has been performing ads on the New Tab page.

The ads aren’t insane impertinent or anything. They’re just conventional banner ads with no sound, just animation, or popups.

That said, it’s the only modern browser that shows ads, and users are not pleased but that is the main source of income of browser company and website owners.

Newly launched Firefox 60, you will start noticing “the sponsored stories” on the New Tab page of the browser. 

Mozilla has made a report that declaring it was only analysis but that doesn’t make many variations. 

The good news is you can disable ads on the New Tab page in Firefox if you wish.

Disable or Hide ads on New Tab page of Mozilla Firefox.

How To Disable Ads on The New Tab Page in Firefox
How To Disable Ads on The New Tab Page in Firefox

You can disable and enable ads on the New Tab page from Firefox’s settings. here is some step that you have to follow for the same.

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Step 1: Open a new tab of Firefox

Step 2:Click the gear (setting wheel) button at the top right of the browser.

Step 3: You can see the Options page, There is many options are available for different settings.

Step 4: Choose Home from the column on the left and scroll down, there you can find Snippets option.

Step 5: Deactivate the Snippets option and you will no longer display ads on the New Tab page screen.

Step 6: You don’t require to restart the Firefox window. 🙂

You can see in the new update of Firefox New Tab page ads

These ‘ads’ have been showing up on the New Tab page in Firefox for a while now.

They seemed as important snippets recommending helpful Firefox features or extra Mozilla services that users could activate or use to get more out of the browser.

The ads did not seem like ads at the moment.

They looked to be an onboarding experience for new users that newly download and set up it and a simple way to show existing users what features they were dropping out on.

What subsequently gave them away was when the snippets started to promote services that Mozilla did not own or that were not combined with Firefox in any way.

But as you read above step now you can easily Disable Ads On Firefox

Mozilla, notwithstanding saying the advertisements are exploratory additionally said it didn’t get cash in return for advancing the administrations and it’s overlooking what’s important. 

The organization could have profited by focusing on how clients responded when Microsoft started advancing OneDrive on Windows 10.

Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge don’t leave behind any chance to advance either OneDrive or the program.

 Truth be told, on the off chance that you visit the Microsoft site from Windows 10 in any program other than Edge, you will see a flag at the top recommending you attempt Edge.

 Microsoft has stayed with advancing just its applications and administrations and Windows 10 clients never took it well.

Mozilla pulled off more than Microsoft ever could since it didn’t simply build up the program it was advancing yet also the OS it was advancing it on.


How do I disable new tabs in Firefox?

  • Enter about: config in the program’s location bar to stack the propelled inclinations posting.
  • Channel for the program. NewPage. empowered and double-tap the passage to change its incentive to bogus. …
  • On the other hand, a channel for the program. new tab. URL, double-tap it and supplant the about newtab esteem with another page in the program.

How do I stop ads on new tabs?

Snap the “Content settings” button in the Privacy area to open the Content Settings window.

Snap the “Don’t permit any site to show pop-ups (suggested)” radio catch in the Pop-ups area to prevent destinations from opening ads.

Snap “alright” at the base of the window to apply and spare the settings.

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