Why you should take a video every time you pick it up a rental car

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If you want to hire a self-drive car rental Coimbatore means ComfortDrive is here for help  in this situation, and taking a video every time you pick it up a rental car is a good habit. It  willhelp you in critical conditions. Let’s see what you will face the hurdles while hiring  rental cars, 

To know the exact time:

If you forget the picking time means, don’t worry. That video will help you. Picking time is essential to drop off your Madurai Self Drive Cars, or else rental car providers will charge the extra amount because that is business ethics. They also need to run a business, so they have to follow some rules and ethics. You can’t blame them. You have to notice the time that’s your duty. So don’t take a lot of time if you don’t want the vehicle because paying an extra amount for unnecessary time is unwanted. So, taking videos will avoid this situation. 

Safety purpose:

In some time, if you don’t notice the damage while picking up your car means, after the trip, they will charge you, and you can be accused of that damage because they also don’t notice that it may be. But in that situation, if you have proof with you, that will be more helpful. Having proof in your hand means you don’t want to spend unwanted money. 

ComfortDrive allows you to take a video and capture it while picking up and dropping off your rental cars. It will tell them what the vehicle looks like and helps to capture the damage that has already been in the vehicle. 

Process for taking video:

It’s simple: take your phone and the screen, go to the camera option, and take the video. After that, store that video on your phone. You can send it quickly to anyone if you need it only take a couple of minutes, but it benefits you a lot. 

For extra care, send that video copy to your mail. It will help you if you lose or break it means you access that file anywhere. 

Fuel issues:

Taking the video inside the car will help to know the fuel level of that vehicle while picking up your rental cars. If you know that level, it will help to leave the vehicle on that level. So, you don’t want to spend any extra money. Rental car providers won’t cheat you. 

Most people don’t know that car rental providers already tell you they will provide the vehicle only at that level of picking your rental car. If it does not mean they won’t provide money for extra fuel. They are not responsible for that. 

Bottom line:

So, take a video while picking up and drop your rental vehicle is avoid a lot of problems like, Accusing the damage, 

Extra fuel filling and leave the vehicle, 

Paying extra money. 

Try to take a video while picking up and drop the Coimbatore self-drive cars and get benefits.

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