Register To Vote On Snapchat: A Full Guide For You

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The fourth Tuesday of each September is National Voter Registration Day, which means it is time to show that you have enrolled to take part in the upcoming elections. In 2018, the midterm election was held on Nov, 6, but don’t worry as it is not a topic of today. It is a piece of information only. Today we are here with Snapchat’s new feature register to vote.

If you have celebrated your 18th birthday or going to celebrate the 18th birthday then undoubtedly it is time to enjoy and go through many changes in your life, and one of them is it’s time to register yourself as a first-time voter. For the first time, the process must look confusing, but luckily there are tons of other ways by which you can register quickly. And one of the quick way to register you is register to vote on the Snapchat feature, using the app. Let’s take a look at how to do it.

How To Use The Register To Vote On Snapchat?

  • All 18+ Snapchat users can see a voter registration option from their profile link page. On the profile page, the users from the US can see an option like “🇺🇸Register to Vote! Tap to complete registration.”
  • As per the Snapchat, this link will redirect the user to the quick and easy registration process with the help of made-for-Snapchat TurboVote mobile site. Even it will be soon available in Spanish also.
  • With the registration process, the user can also use Snapchat’s National Filter to raise awareness about National Voter Registration Day. In this way, the user can register to vote in Snapchat and encourage their friends to register for voting and take part in voting.

Snapchat has launched the voter registration process via the social platform.

For every 18+ user, the team has built a platform to register the voters. Almost 80% of the users in the US are falling in this category.

Even they have taken the initiative in 2016 as well by creative promotions and advertisements for the voters. And this year they come with the quick registration process for youth.

Jennifer Stout, Snapchat’s Global Head of Public Policy explain that the team is working hard to inspire, engage and register voters during the season of the election.

She believes that voting is one of the essential for self-expression and her team is committed to empowering the user community to register for a vote and do vote for the right representatives.

This initiative is innovative and amazing. And the report says that about 80% of Snapchat users are in the age group of 18-24-year-olds so by this way they can cover about 30 million users to register and encourage to vote.

For the US and Canada only, the Snapchat has 100 million monthly active users, and the number is increasing daily.


It is all about how to the use register to vote on Snapchat and related information about it. Hopefully, you like the data and other information provided here. In case of doubt ask us using the comment box below. Thank you!

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