How to Install Windows 7 ISO 32 bit or 64 Bit?

How to Install Windows 7 ISO 32 bit or 64 Bit

Windows 7 ISO files of any bit size are convenient enough to download, and when Rufus Software comes to help, the whole process becomes more abrupt and free while offering the best or the perfect online service to you. With the Rufus Software, you can easily download the ISO image of Windows 7 and then … Read more



If you are a business owner wondering how to get the most out of your IT Support Partner, or maybe are interested in starting up a partnership with a new IT Partner then we have some tips for you. Maybe you’re looking to save money and do away with your in-house IT Team? Maybe your … Read more

Speaker Knockerz Untimely Death

Speaker Knockerz Untimely Death

Unfortunately, he’s not here to view and live the lifestyle he worked. Produced Derek McAllister, the 19-year-old was reported lost for two weeks until he was discovered dead at a South Carolina House on March 4. The reason for the death was reported for a heart attack. Toxicology reports he had uttered on codeine syrup, … Read more

How To Fixed MacBook Camera Is Not Working

How To Fixed MacBook Camera Is Not Working

Without cameras, we can no longer picture our Macs.  However, as any technology customer service professional can tell you, it also creates the most common problems for customers. While the Mac camera is certainly not working, fortunately, in most cases it is quite easy to fix it on your own. Most Macs today are fitted … Read more

Landing Page SEO Best Practices

Landing Page

Whether you’re a bit new to the world of digital marketing or you’ve been in the business for a couple of years now, you know how powerful landing pages can be – when properly done, that is. As you’re already aware, a landing page can be basically any of these three:  A designated page you’re … Read more

The Best Windows 10 Optimization Tools from 2021

Best Windows 10 Optimization Tools

Are you wanting to optimize your current PC or laptop? Are your devices running a bit slowly? Are you looking for some assistance in speeding up your laptop? If you’re running Windows 10, here are some super simple things that you can do to optimize your systems and PC.  The first thing to look at … Read more

Google launched Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier two new apps for Hard of Hearing

Live Transcribe And Sound Amplifier

Google is offering audio more friendly with launching two new apps for Android users. 1: Live Transcribe 2: Sound Amplifier These both apps are developed to support people who are deaf and have the difficulty of hearing. Live Transcribe Live Transcribe can provide people who are hearing impaired or hard of hearing more freedom in … Read more

How To Change The Google Assistant’s Accent From Default To A British Or Australian?

If you are Google Assistant user and looking to set your assistant in your culture, then you will be surprised that it is possible. It can offer translation in over 100 different languages. By following the proper steps from settings, one can change the accent of google assistant in British or Australian accent and many … Read more