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Tech peat is one of the quickest developing web-based blogging networks. We generally attempt to share the most recent tips and deceives about hosting, innovation, SEO, blogging, startup, mobile and many more.

Presently, we will acknowledge interesting Guest Post from genuine creators and bloggers.

Guest Post Guidelines

  • First, the content must be unique, and in the English language only. So check the content once for plagiarism before sending it to us.
  • It must be user-friendly so anyone can read and understand it easily.
  • The content length must be 800+ words.
  • Add heading sub-heading, bullets, numbers, and images in content to increase the value of content.
  • Don’t forget to add related images in content if required.
  • Provide 1 high authority reference links in the content.
  • Also, use one unique featured image for your article having a minimum of 992*558resolution.
  • Check your content if it follows Yoast guidelines or not. If not then correct it.
  • Once your content has been published on our website then it will be completely owned by us.
  • If your article contains any single promotional line then it will be rejected and then no article will be accepted in the future.
  • In case if you have used any copyrighted material then you will be responsible for it.

Guest Posting Topics

– Hosting

– Mobile

– Technology

– Business

– Startup


– Blogging

– ECommerce

– App Development

– Web Design

– Web Development

– Social Media

– Tips and Tricks

How to Submit a Guest Post?

In the event that you are intrigued to distribute a visitor post on Tech Peat, at that point thump us by means of email at [email protected]