How To Fix ‘You are Being Rate Limited’ Error on Discord- Complete Guide

How To Fix ‘You are Being Rate Limited’ Error on Discord- Complete Guide
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Many users get the ‘You Are Rate Limited’ error. are you one of them, If yes then here is the solution of this error.

Discord is a reliable application where you can easily communicate over text, voice, and video. Well, we can say that Discord has the main focus on the game community.

There are more than a hundred million users of Discord. Discord is working on a voice-over-internet protocol, mainly known as VoIP. But one of the significant error message users is facing while mobile number verification at the time to join discord channel is Discord you are being rate limited or discord phone verification rate limited.

Well, readers, we have some particular research over the solution of discord rate limited. 

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Let’s quickly move for the solution and navigate till the end of an article.

Unplug Router

– Yes, sometimes a simple move can resolve a big issue. The main point behind unplugging the internet router is, you can get a clear response from your IP address if you are getting any kind of limit or restriction from your IP address. 

– Once you unplug your internet router from the main switchboard, wait for a minimum of 30 seconds. 

– Now again, plug the power socket into the switchboard and turn the switch ON.

– When your router starts again and gets the continued light on, restart your PC and connect to the internet. 

– Verify again for You are Being Rate Limited error resolved or not.

Log out and wait

  • One of the solutions for you are being rate limited website can be get closed after clicking on the logout.
  • Go to the logout and then wait till at least 15 minutes before the next login time.
  • The main reason behind this is that it will allow Discord to execute the application or site more effectively.
  • You also need to close all tabs of the browser and then close the browser as well.
  • After the given time in point number 2, you can open your browser and go to login into Discord.
  • Now you can get successful login with your credentials.

Third-party software

 -There are so many software or applications available in the market that are giving assurance to fix you are being rate limited discord error after installing them.

 -You can always try any of them and then use your Discord.

 -These kinds of software are working for managing device error and malware

Incognito Windows

  • When you find an error of discord rate limited time, you can apply this solution for Discord.
  • Users need to open the Discord in incognito mode from your browser.
  • Open a browser and press CTRL, SHIFT, and N key from your keyboard at a time. 
  • This will open a completely new window of the browser.
  • The most exciting thing about the incognito mode is that the browser won’t save any of your searched data, cookie, and information you have searched.
  • Now you just put a site URL into the address bar and do login with your credentials.
  • This will allow you to use Discord without any interruption.

Switch Browser.

 – When the user finds a rate-limited discord message in the currently open browser, you can always go for another one.

 – It has often come to the notice that changing your browser will help you resolve the issue.

 – You can use the discord platform for games as well as a digital sharing place.

Virtual Private Network

  • The chances of error message discord rate-limited are high when users don’t have a dynamic IP address from their ISPs.
  • You can get solve this by the trick of using a virtual private network, i.e., VPN.
  • We have heard many popular applications are not supporting without VPN in some of the popular countries. That also has some kind of issue.
  • VPN allows you to use Discord with the new IP address.

Discord support

 – Somehow, if you cannot manage to solve your problem, you can try to contact support from Discord.

 – Navigate to the “submit request” option on the website of Discord and generate a ticket for your requirements and problem.

 – You just need to submit a form, and you will get a response from the discord team.

How do I fix being rate-limited Discord? 

As per a complaint from the discord community for rate-limited, You can go through the above article covered point and get the perfect solution. After that, you can defiantly say that the “You Are Being Rate Limited” Error On Discord Has Been Fixed.

What does your being rate-limited mean on Discord? 

 Sometimes, Discord finds some limitations when we try to login with our credentials. At that time, the system leads to generate the message, and we find ourselves unable to use Discord.

 How long does rate-limited last on Discord? 

 You Are Being Rate Limited error can get solved by easy steps. Or sometimes, it may take few hours (i.e., 5 to 6 hours) to resolve the error automatically. It means there is no major issue to get rid of the problem.

 What is Error 1015? Are you being rated limited?

Well, Erro 1015 is a fraud protection technology to prevent the site from getting fraud with the Discord. 

Whenever a user does click on any button too much frequently, Discord generates Error 1015 for the site’s protection.

This is how you can get out from the You Are Being Rate Limited error. Share your comments if it helps you effectively. Your response is precious for techpeat.


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