How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows?

recover permanently deleted files windows 10 free software

Accidental data deletion is something very common that happens with each one of us. Here, with advanced data recovery technologies, you needn’t worry about restoring that valuable file that you have deleted accidentally or want it back when you have deleted it last Friday. Well, here we have discussed ways to recover permanently deleted files … Read more

How to Download Windows 10 ISO Without the Media Creation Tool

How to Download Windows 10 ISO Without the Media Creation Tool

Many people asked for Download Windows 10 ISO Without the Media Creation Tool. Microsoft makes Windows-10 ISO images available through its own download web site, however, if you’re already using a Windows machine, it forces you to download the Media Creation Tool. Here we will explain how to get into the Windows ISO without the … Read more

What is Cisco Leap Module and Should I Remove it From The System?

Cisco Leap Module

Cisco modules compact enough devices housed in exclusive slots in the switch chassis, router, or server. They are necessary to optimize the essential equipment for the standards of the already created network infrastructure. So you can combine a wide range of services in one router/switch/server and improve some of the original features. What are the … Read more

How To Block Chrome Software Reporter Tool Windows 7,8,10?

Block Chrome Software Reporter Tool Windows

How do I block the chrome software reporter tool windows? Define the software reporter tool : Google Chrome software reporting tool is a standalone Google Chrome process.  It is part of the windows Cleanup tool that monitors your installation of Chrome and reports when different influences interfere with the browser’s regular business.  The device is … Read more

How To Fix A Ubisoft Service is Currently Unavailable?

how to fix a ubisoft service is currently unavailable_

How to fix a Ubisoft service is currently unavailable? When attempting to open a Ubisoft, Uplay displays “A Ubisoft service is currently unavailable in 2021” Uplay is used for the control of digital distribution, DRM, multiplayer and communication for Ubisoft games. When you try to start a game or sign in to Play on your machine, … Read more

What is The Acresso Software Manager, And How To Uninstall it?

What is The Acresso Software Manager, And How To Uninstall it

Lots of you have to have recently installed applications called Nuance PDF Reader on your Windows notebook or desktop computer. While installing it, the error message needs to have popped up, saying that the software utilizes specific files that must be upgraded by the installation. Do not panic. This message is only because the application … Read more

How To Fix Windows Key or WinKey Not Working on Windows 10?

How to fix Windows key or WinKey not working on Windows 10_

The Windows key is an essential item for your Keyboard: it participates in numerous shortcuts and evokes your Start menu As you can see, this key is incredibly useful, and it can irritate any Windows 10 user if it does not work While there could be many explanations for windows key not working windows 10, … Read more

What Is YourPhone.exe Windows 10 & My Phone?


yourphone.exe windows 10 We are living in such an informative and digital era where we want to stay connected with our close ones virtually 24×7 hours. We prefer various kinds of apps so that we can able to perform multiple tasks at a time. Yourphone.exe is one of the Microsoft apps which is a very … Read more

Wyze App for PC & Mac, Download free for Windows

Wyze App for PC & Mac, Download free for Windows

Wyze App for PC & Mac, Download free for Windows : Home surveillance cameras must be mounted nowadays in every household. We may look in our homes as we physically remind ourselves of our protection and privacy. No wonder today, so many families plan to install surveillance cameras for their own homes – and maybe … Read more