What TV brand is Onn? All About ONN TV

What TV brand is Onn? All About ONN TV
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ONN TV is a big brand name in the electronics industry. The brand is available for a long time. This always makes customers happy with its fantastic screen display. ONN TV is considered as most reliable to buy. The onn tv brand name also offers mice, speakers, and cables. TV is such a thing you don’t take direction. Users must check the details and review the TV and then make a final thought to buy it. so let’s check about ONN TV in detail.

About ONN TV

Users may have a question about who manufactures onn tv and the answer is WALMART. Walmart ONN TV is available across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. You can purchase ONN television and other related products from any Walmart store. You can find some ONN products from Amazone.

Manufacturing ONN TV

You can watch all live TV, shows and many more including playing a video game. Walmart is the big brand name. In reality, the original manufacturer of the ONN TV is Dura brand & Element electronics.  

ONN TV Features

ONN TV has dual-band 802 support and 11ac Wi-Fi. Also, it provides Bluetooth to connect wireless. Ultra high definition feature makes the TV color look brighter. This also supports 4K Video quality.

ONN TV offers an amazing eye-soothing, high-definition display quality. 

The ONN TV’s great design will place perfectly in your home. This will be the shine of the living room. The large display screen and slim model will make your TV view more exciting. 

ONN TV ports are also easy to plug and placed in the right place. This will make it easy to connect ONN TV with another device. 

The ONN TV and other products are available at Walmart Store. That has been considered as a convenient point to buy electrical equipment. Buyers do not need to go to more shops to buy for it. 

More of ONN TV

One of the onn tv problems is that it does not support HDR10+ or Dolby Vision. While the Amazon Fire TV stick and Chrome cast support such a thing. 

Walmart also offers a warranty on its products. If you find anything nonworking now or after some time, then you can get it repaired or replaced. And you will find the ONN TV working again.

If we talk about onn tv remote, it is more complicated to use as universal for use on their television. Of course, the ONN TV is not seen as the biggest brand but it is cool to get the best quality at your pocket price. 

Sometimes we got a choice between onn vs tclIn most things both TV is considered equal. But we can say that the ONN TV display covers the big display. Also, the sound quality of ONN TV is just amazing. 

ONN Roku TV is available under the ONN TV brand. As its name shows, the TV is available with all Roku features. Users can access Roku functions as a built-in function. This is considered as ONN TV + Roku.

The TV Universal remote who makes onn tv spectrum remote. Some of the Spectrum ONN TV Codes are: 

  • 11756 14398
  •  12397
  •  12434
  •  10885
  •  11447
  •  12049 
  • 10463
  •  12360
  •  2434 
  • 1756
  •  2397
  •  0885
  •  0463
  •  2049 
  • 0047 
  • 0706 
  • 3078 
  • 2360
  • 705
  •  387 
  • 031 
  • 268
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Universal codes are working as onn tv manufacturer code. IF your TV remote shows red light that means you have entered the wrong code. Dura brand is who makes onn tv codes of ONN TV. Some of them are mentioned below : 

  • 0463
  • 1034
  • 0178
  • 0180
  • 0003
  • 0154
  • 0236
  • 0623
  • 0493
  • 1038
  • 1046
  • 1047
  • 1109
  • 0171
  • 0463
  • 1034
  • 0003
  • 0178
  • 0180
  • 0003

Differance between ONN TV Stick & ONN TV Box

ONN TV Stick


  • ONN TV Stick looks like a pen drive. 
  • ONN TV Box is small box with plug.
  • ONN TV Stick is available at $25.
  • ONN TV Box is available at $30.
  • You can plug it straight into the HDMI port of the TV.
  • You need a plug-in switchboard. It has 3 feet long cable.

 ONN TV Stick 

  •   supports FHD – Full High Definition
  • ONN TV Box supports UHD – Ultra High Definition
  •  It has 1 GB RAM
  • It has 2 GB RAM

Popular ONN TV Version

Onn. 24” 720P HD LED Roku smart TV

Onn. 32” HD 720P HD LED Roku smart LED TV

Onn. 43” 4K UHD LED Roku smart TV HDR

Onn. 50” 4K 2160P Roku smart LED TV

Onn 70” UHD 2160P LED Roku Smart TV HDR 


Who manufactures Onn TV? 

Dura brand is the main manufacturer who makes onn tv.  Some of its parts are embedded from china also. In the end, the product is selling under the Walmart brand name. ONN TV provides great entertainment shows, live channels, music, and many more. 

Who is the parent company of Onn TV? 

Walmart is the main parent company of ONN TV. However, the products were originally manufactured at the dura brand. It is a generic electronics brand. Users can buy all ONN products range support Walmart. 

Is the Onn TV brand good?

Yes, it is onn a good brand. As a consumer, when we compare and talk about the ONN brand, this is quite reliable to choose. See, when you look at the price tag and check out all the features, this would make sense to get value for money with ONN TV products.

Is Onn Walmart brand? 

Correct, The ONN product range is from the Walmart brand. However, the dura brand who makes Walmart’s onn TVs. Also, some of the parts of ONN products are made in china. But from all over there it reaches Walmart under the ONN brand name. Users can purchase all products as well as assecories from Walmart.

What’s another name for Onn TV? 

ONN TV another name is considered Walmart TV. Because it’s available under the Walmart brand name.

Why are TVs so cheap at Walmart?

Walmart takes the material and manufacturer from other companies make their own brand TV. However, they are might not match with the trading TVs in the market. So they are can sell Walmart TV at cheap rate. 


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Purchase a Walmart ONN TV is the best choice you would make, There are some different categories to get your desired output television. Also, the onn tv brand reviews are quite good among its users. The product’s low range is one of the main attractions among users. 

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