How To Hide Your Activity On Instagram From Others

How To Hide Your Activity On Instagram From Others

When you create a public profile on Instagram, you accept that anyone can see your publications, whether they are a follower or not. Anyone you have as a friend on Facebook or who you appear on their contact list can easily find you on Instagram. And if to all this, you add that everyone who … Read more

The Stages Of The Software Development Life Cycle

The Stages Of The Software Development Life Cycle

The software development life cycle (SDLC) is the process that software developers use to create and maintain software applications.  The SDLC consists of six distinct stages: planning, requirements gathering, design, coding, testing, and maintenance.  In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at each stage of the SDLC and what it entails. What is … Read more

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How To Remove a Device From My Verizon Network?

Verizon Wireless or Cellco Partnership or Verizon is an American telecommunications company that offers multiple wireless service and products. It is own by Verizon Communications, and in the United States, it is the largest wireless telecommunications provider. It covers 98% of the U.S. population with 4G LTE network, and with this much clients and services, … Read more

Twitter: How to See New Tweets First on iOS and Android?

From the longest time, Twitter has been working on the thing where they can display the popular tweets instead of latest tweets. But finally, twitter give a new update which allows you to choose the option where you can “See New Tweets First“. Twitter a short time ago carried back the ability for iOS and … Read more

How to Fix Google Drive Waiting To Upload Error: Full Guide

Google Drive Waiting To Upload Error

When you are frequently using google drive to upload your document from your phone, then you can see that sometimes it shows the message waiting for upload when you try to upload a document. Initially, you would be confused with such a message, but yes it can solve easily. Even when you press the retry … Read more

IMDb and Amazon Just Launched a Free Streaming Service for movies and TV shows

Now you do not need to buy any subscription package because now you can watch a full collection of movies and TV shows on IMDB’s new streaming channel Freedive. The channel is named Freedive, and You can access it directly from the IMDB website. There you can not find any newly released movie but they … Read more

New Features of Google Play Movies & TV to Find Latest Movies and TV Show

Google Play Movies & TV

The Internet is everywhere in the world, and it has changed a number of things in today’s era. For instance, we can do the bank transaction by the internet as well as book movie ticket online and many more. We can say that “the Internet is the middle point of all.” which make thing very … Read more

What is and how does it work?

AT&T Internet Services gives the customer web portal and information service, and AT&T Internet Services (earlier SBC Internet Services) is a sale name for various affiliated companies. AT&T Inc. started its story as Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, which was a subsidiary of the Bell Telephone Company founded by Alexander Graham Bell in 1880. Bell … Read more