Why My Samsung TV Keeps Restarting (Fixes to solve now) in 2022 – [Resolved]

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Samsung TV is popular among viewers to watch favorites with extraordinary quality. But have you seen that the Samsung tv keeps turning on and off repeatedly while watching TV? Many consumers have issues such as “my Samsung tv keeps restarting” At that time, the TV turns completely black screen and on again.

Samsung TV

Samsung TV is in demand to watch cinema, favorite shows, series, games, and many more. But one Sunday morning when I have the same experience of the Samsung tv reboot loop, we have to find an effective method to get the issue resolved. That can be much reason for Samsung-led tv keeps restarting.  

Some of the troubleshooting may require for Samsung smart tv keep restarting 2020. We are sharing some most important and effective solutions regarding this. Check one after another for a Samsung tv boot loop fix and get your Samsung TV working again.

FIX 1 Chip gets overheat

Since we make more use of Samsung Smart Tv, the CPU insides get overheated with dust in a long time. this may cause your TV slow or restarting issue. 

You must clean the TV from the insides with a blower. you can also ask for an expert’s help with such maintenance. The point to be noted is never used any wet things to touch there.

FIX 2 Damaged Cable

if you find your Samsung plasma tv keeps restarting, the problem can be lie in the cables. Cables are the main bridge to get these devices to work together. Many times it happens that the device is broken or leaked. That will cause the power interruption and disconnect with the main switchboard.

As a result that, your Samsung smart TV keeps restarting. At that time you must immediately check for cables and replace them. That way Samsung smart tv reboot loop fix 2018

FIX 3 Power Supply

Irregular or interrupted power supply will lead Samsung tv to keep restarting. The power supply is playing a key role in ay electronic gadgets. 

The first step is to make sure that your main switchboard is providing a continuous power supply. There must not be any loss of power while watching TV.

A perfect power supply will solve your issue of Samsung smart tv keeps restarting 2020.

FIX 4 Software Updates

Software updates are always essential for electronics products. Samsung Smart TV has new software updates for their consumers. 

To make your device updated and clear Samsung smart tv keeps restarting error, go to the “Settings” at first. 

You will see the “Support” option over there. Choose for it and Hit for the “Software Update” option.

And then, click ok “Update now”. This way the system software will get updated. You can also select the option of “Auto-update”. This will let your device software be updated as soon as the software update arrives. 

FIX 5 Reset Smart Hub

This is a considerable point to get problems after updates of Smart TV Hub. For that, you can choose to reset the smart TV Hub.

Go to the Smart TV Hub and select the “Reset” option. After that, you will be asked for “Reset Smart Hub”. Now hit for it and Enter thee PIN over there. The default PIN is 0000. 

This will reset your Samsung smart Hub and solve old Samsung tv keeps restarting

FIX 6 Factory Reset / Hard Reset   

There can be some data or junk files that might cause a problem for your device. Factory reset is the most popular solution for all tech gigs. Let’s follow the steps for factory reset Samsung Smart TV.

Navigate to the “Settings” in your TV. and get the “General” option. Here is our looking for option “Reset”.

As soon as you will choose the Reset, it will ask for a PIN. if you haven’t set any PIN yet, then 0000 will work as a default PIN.

Again, click on the “Reset” followed by the “OK” button to complete the process. In the end, your Samsung smart TV will make an Auto reboot and Start Again.

Fix 7: Mother Board issue

Some time the defective piece can be the reason Samsung smart tv keeps restarting in 2019. The Samsung smart TV contains a motherboard. The board has multiple microchips inside it. if that will stop working, you will find the Samsung smart tv keeps restarting issue.

There is an option of repair or replacement option for the motherboard. You can contact an expert to repair these non-working microchips. 

In the second option, you can contact for customer care. IF you do not know How do I contact Samsung Customer Care? Click here https://www.samsung.com/us/support/contact/. You can use your device warranty card and get that replaced by the company itself.

Why does my Samsung smart tv keep restarting?

It is possible to have such complaints on Samsung smart TV. This appears as your TV screen went black and turn on again by itself. No worries about this issue. Techpeat has the best solution mentioned in the above article. Get that applied and get your Samsung Smart TV working immediately.


How to reset Samsung tv?

Samsung smart TV reset process is quite easy to perform. You can make that reset on your own and no expert is required for such a task. To Restart, kindly read point number 6 for detailed guidance. You will get the answer to how to factory reset Samsung tv?

Why does my Samsung TV keep restarting? 

You might have a question about Why is my Samsung TV turning on and off by itself? or keep restarting. That can depend on a problem such as power interruption, damaged cable, Damage capacitors, Damage mainboard, etc. You can get such an issue solved definitely with reference to the above article.

How do I fix my Samsung to keep restarting? 

Many users of Samsung smart TV have a common complaint of Why does TV keep rebooting? and how to fix it? The issue has a perfect solution by our tech team. You can go through the above article in detail and get your smart TV working again.

How to change Samsung tv volume stuck? 

For that, Go to “Settings”. Here navigate for the “Select Sound”. 

Now, select the “Select Expert Setting” and finally choose the “Select reset sound”. 

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