How to Fix – Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location 12 – [Fixed]

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Are you getting failed to detect location 12?  if yes here is the best solutions.

Pokémon go a whole new world from game users. Pokémon games are connected from the real world to the virtual world.

The Pokémon go game is the real future game. Niantic is the developer of this game. The game has made all enthusiastic gamers running after it. It takes great interest in smartphones and real gaming experience. Pokémon go game contains all real-life features.

Most users have experience why does Pokémon go say failed to detect location (12). Is there any solution for the most favorite game?

Well, we can say yes, there is the most effective solution with us about how to fix failed to detect location 12 in Pokémon Go As per personal experience and research work here, we have reached too few conclusions. All these solutions will tell you about how to fix Pokémon go failure to detect location 12

Check mobile location on

Generally, we start with this point at the very first. That is the time when we check that is your android mobile or tablet location service is on or not. You can check the same by following the steps.

  • Go to the mobile “Setting” menu. Now tap on “location.”
  • Now select “mode” and choose “high security” to get location accuracy maximum.
  • Then open the Pokémon go game. And check if the issue is resolved or the same.
  • Clear cache data of the game

Our devices store some field in the system setting, which contains all information about application usage history.

Whenever we open any application on the device, we can find all cache data is running at the backend.

If the data stored in the application gets corrupted for any reason, we will not get a clear result in the application.

Regarding this solution, we can take a step to clear data and clear cache data. We can follow below simple steps.

  • Go to the setting of the device.
  • Find the Apps or Application menu and tap on it.
  • You will find all stored application on the device. Find Pokémon go and select the storage option.
  • Now click on the clear data and clear cache option. It will turn to 0B data. That means it is clear now.

After clearing both data, our issue of how to fix failed to detect location 12 in Pokémon Go? The might issue will get resolved.

Uninstall maps updates

Pokémon go application use maps in real-time, i.e. while playing the game. When maps enable, you will find error 12 encountered. One of the easy ways to solve this error 12 is such as under.

  • Go to the device “setting” menu and select “apps” or” application” menu.
  • You will find all device application lists over there.
  • Find and tap on “maps” and select uninstall updates.

Now Pokémon is ready to play with .you can solve error 12 and play the game smoothly.

Google Play Services Older Version

Google Play services are an auto component in all Android devices. The newer version of the Google play service can give the best high quality and real-time services to their users. But if we are getting Error 12 while playing Pokémon, go with the new version.

We have to get switch over the older version of it. In the older version, this game is played very easy way. Follow the above-given steps and try the old version.

  • Go to “settings” and open “apps.”
  • Now go to “Google play services” and open it find editing three-dot, and tap on “uninstall updates.”
  • Now download the older version of Google play services from any browser.

After an older version of it is downloaded, we can find how to fix failed to detect location 12 in Pokémon Go?

Check Developers Option

This method is one step ahead of our simple check-up. You can check the same by following the steps. 

  • In the “setting” menu, choose the System section and find the “about device” option.
  • All information about your phone will get display on the screen. Now tap on “Build number” 7 times. You will find a new message on the screen saying, “you are now a developer.”
  • Go back to the setting menu and again go to “developer options.”
  • In “developer options,” you will find a large file list with a check box unselected. Now tap on the toggle button given above the list to enable developer options.
  • You will get a new message that says, “These settings are intended for development use only.” You can move by tapping on the ok button.
  • Go to debugging section and go to the “allow mock location” checkbox. And disable it.

Now you can start your favorite game. You will get a solution for why does Pokémon go say failed to detect location (12)?

Try FGL Pro

You can play a Pokémon go game with a fake location. That will resolve your issue on how to fix Pokémon go failed to detect location 12?  we just have to follow some simple steps.

  • FGL Pro is an application. This application will allow you to play this addicting game with a fake location.
  • Open the application and find the “setting” menu.
  • Now tap on the “mocking method” option and make sure to check method 2.
  • If method 2 doesn’t work well, we can switch over to method 1 also.

After these settings, you can restart your device and start playing Pokémon go. 

Do we hope that the above-explained methods will help to get an answer of how to fix failed to detect location 12 in Pokémon Go? 

We have highlighted here all possible options to clear errors and make you experience the smoother way to play Pokémon go. I hope you guys enjoy your best time with gaming. We are always here to highlight all solutions to the digital world. 

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