Mobile Phone Tracking: Best Mobile Phone Tracking Apps For Free

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You are using GPS in your day to day life for navigation while driving or reaching a new place but do you have an idea that one can use the same thing to track your location?

Yes, it can be used by parents to keep eyes on their children’s activity, during hangout friends keep it, and travelers use it to find out the location and direction. These are few of the applications; the list is long.

So a GPS tracking or cell phone tracking is a process that detects the location of the person around the globe through the working mobile phone. But to locate the person, the phone must emit a signal so that it can connect to the nearby antenna tower. Do not confuse it with the active call as it does not require an active call to track based on the signal strength and nearby antenna the GSM localization done by multilateralism.

Working Of Mobile Phone Tracking

When we insert the cell phone tracking system, it detects the nearest cell phone tower to the phone and then interpolates signals between phone and nearby antenna towers to make a more exact resemblance.

Keep in mind that when the mobile phone is switched off or when the battery is dead, the software can’t track the location as it can’t emit the signal in both conditions. But if you have an Android device or a Windows phone or an iPhone or a Blackberry, then you can install one of the apps listed below to track your phone all the time.

Do not confuse between Phone Tracking and Phone Spying. Phone tracking can track the location of the person whose phone has the tool, and on another hand, spying has wide application.

Smartphones like iPhone and pixel have inbuilt GPS tracking, and with the combination of right applications, one can get the mobile phone tracker in their pocket.

How To Track iPhone Location For Free?

The iPhone has iTunes that provide millions of apps to the users, and it contains an app that can track the phones, too. Even it has an inbuilt feature named as ‘Find my iPhone‘ that can help the lot.

For any iOS 5+ device Find My iPhone app comes pre-installed in it and if in case you are using an iOS device of your friend or family member then you can log in into it via the Apple ID. As soon as you logged in to the app, it will show you the iPhone’s location. It is very useful when you lost your phone. Even one can trigger the loud sound for two minutes remotely which can help you to find the phone if you have placed it anywhere or someone stole it.

The iPhones iOS 10 or newer is more advanced as it can continuously share the information of your location on another iPad, iPhone, or Mac computer. For this, you have first to pick the person to send the location of your iPhone on his/her device.

  • Go to Messages >> search for the message chat that a person had with you.
  • Next, go to the upper corner and click on the “Information” (i) tab >> Send My Current Location. It will send your current location to the other person’s phone but for once only.
  • If you want to share your location from your iPhone continuously, then pick the option of “Share My Location,”

As a receiver, if you want to send the location of the person, go to the Messages app and search for the person’s contact and click on Information. It will display the location of the phone. You can easily disable the location sharing option whenever you want.

How To Track Android Phones?

Same as the iPhone, Android user can track their phones with some apps that are based on GPS like WaveSecure. It can track android phones and not only this, but it can remotely lock down the phone.

Even Google has announced the Android Device Manager who has almost similar features of ‘Find my iPhone’ of iPhone. It is supportable for android version 2.2 and above. By default, the tracking is enabled but to remove this app, one has to follow some particular steps.

If you have an Android smartphone and it lost, and the worst part is you don’t have any location tracker app on your device then do not worry as you have another way to get the app.

For that, you have to log in to your Google account and install the app remotely on your lost smartphone from your pc. But the thing is it needed an internet connection, and your device is already lined up via your pc before. If it fulfills these two criteria, then you can install the app on your smartphone and find the location of your lost device.

Top 4 Free Gps Cell Phone Tracking Software

  • Prey

Prey is a free phone tracking app, and one can use it up to three devices including two phones and one pc. In case if you want to track more than these, go for the paid version. It is best to install before you lose your phone. What you have to do is sync the software to your device, and the rest of the work will be done by software.

It runs confidently in the background, so when your phone goes missing, or you want to spy your child then log into your pc and start tracking the device. It will show you the reports with pictures that are captured from the device. Another great feature is you can trigger a loud alarm or lock the device remotely if your device has Prey in it. It is available for Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows.

  • Mologogo

Mologogo is free cell phone tracking software for the handset. It let anyone track the cellphone which has GPS enabled during the operation. To track, the user has to download the app on their device, and it will send the updates to the website of Mologogo. This website will display the location and other updates on the website.

It does not only show the location, but it can also alert when the person is nearby to you. It also shows you the common points of interest, weather updates and displays traffic. And all thanks to Mologogo as it can track the phone via the website.

  • Mobile Tracker Free

As per the name suggest Mobile Tracker Free is a free phone tracking software that provides you quality information of phone’s location and monitoring solution. It comes up with free as well as premium features. It can track Android smartphones with Facebook messages and WhatsApp.

Mobile Tracker Free allows the user to find a mobile phone and the history of GPS location. You can find the GPS location at every 15 minutes. Even if your GPS is off, it can track the location from your mobile network.

  • Phone Tracker

If you are worried about your child’s activity and safety, then you can track their location with the phone tracker by Spy phone labs. It gives detailed information about the tablet as well as the phone you put it on. To track the phone’s location, it uses the GPS and gives a full report of not only location, but the list of all calls sent and received, web activity and text messages. It is available for Android and iOS. Once the app is installed on the phone and another second, it will show you all relatable information on its official website The website contains too many ads so look only for the blue login button.

Next, we will look at the mobile phone tracking that is carrier specific.

Carrier Specific Mobile Phone Tracking

Some carriers provide free as well as paid service to track mobile phones. It is beneficial for the parents and the entrepreneur who are worried about their kids and who want to track the traveling record of their clients respectively. The list we have prepared is almost free but consider it when the above apps are not working for you due to some reason.

  • AT&T FamilyMap Phone tracker plan

It helps you to find out the family member from your pc or wireless phone. And the best part is you do not need a GPS tracker to keep the record. It is accurate and easy to track the device even if it stole but provide when the phone is on. For a first month it is free to try, and after that, you have to subscribe for the same.

  • T-Mobile FamilyWhere

With this carrier, you can find the location of your family member. It can send your location to any mobile phone or network if you are using an android device for free. Yes, for comprehensive details you have to pay as per their fixed plan, but the free version is also pretty useful.

  • Sprint Family Locator

This carrier is something that kids surely hate it as it can not only track the phone but with it, it can lock the phone with a single mouse click remotely. It is free for 15 days as a free trial after that it is chargeable that is $5 per month.

  • Verizon Family Locator

Much like Sprint, Verizon provides the service to locate family members from their phone. Yes, one can locate them on their pc, and yes it is paid service, no free trial. Consider investing if any of above won’t work for you.

How To Tracking Blackberry & Windows Phone For Free?

There are some of the apps to track the BlackBerry Tracker. Out of all, some are paid, and some are free. If you are looking for the free app, then MoosTrax is a considerable name for the decent free app. Another free app for Blackberry is Phone Tracker – Anti Theft and tracking. If you want to invest in the reliable app, then Berry Locator is there which costs $7.

For the BlackBerry 10, the manufacturer provides BlackBerry Protect service which is similar to the Find my iPhone of iOS and Android Device Manager of the Android platform.

To use this app on your BBM, you have to turn on the BlackBerry Protect and tracking service. So if you have your phone in your hand, make sure you have turned it on.

In case if you have lost your phone, go to the website of the BlackBerry Protect, log in and find the location by clicking on the View Location. If your phone is working properly, then it will show your phone’s location on the map.

For Windows Phone users, there is Microsoft’s My Phone service that helps to track their phones if they have lost or put it anywhere. It is similar to the other tracking apps and software.

How To Track The Non-Smartphones?

For non-smartphones, there are so many apps available in the market that can access the location of the device with simple GPS access. The best and known name for such application is AccuTracking. It is partially free and works on various features of the phone with a GPS access. Once you set up the device with the service, it will track your phone and find it if you have lost it by logging into your Accutracking dashboard from pc. It will show you the location of your phone if the device is not switched off.

How To Track A Phone After The Factory Reset? Is It Possible?

No, after a factory reset you can’t track your phone as it will erase all your data, background information, account information that belongs to you. But with the iPhone and Android phone, if you have your account details like Apple ID or Google account, then you can track its location. So for such situation pick the Cerberus like an app that has root access.

Is It Possible To Track A Phone Through IMEI Number?

Technically it is possible to track the phone with IMEI number, but practically it is not possible. You might have a question why it is so then let me tell you that the IMEI number is unique for each device and hence only a manufacturer or the telecom operator can track it. For some exceptional cases, the police ask the telecom operator to track the device but not in the case of the lost device.

Is It Possible To Track The Phone Even If Someone Changed The Sim Card?

Yes, it is possible to track the phone if someone has changed the sim card from it as you can track the device with your Google ID or Apple ID details. Yes, but your phone must be connected to the internet even if it for a minute only.


So with this, we wind up our article on the free mobile tracking software and some frequently asked question. I hope you like the information shared here. If in case if you have some additional question, ask us using the comment section below, Thank you.

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