LOOT not Detecting Skyrim and Skyrim SE- [Fixed]

LOOT not Detecting Skyrim and Skyrim SE- [Fixed]
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Error: Oh no! Something went wrong! You can check your LOOTDebugLog.txt(you can get it through the main menu) for more information.

This is the most common situation when LOOT not detecting Skyrim and Skyrim SE. Most commonly, players of Skyrim and Skyrim SE are facing such kinds of issues. And that is very much available with an effective solution.

The facing problem is quite common when we use a game like Skyrim and Skyrim special edition. It is looking like LOOT has drops find in the game.

In simple terms, when we try to understand, This is looking like when we kill anyone in Skyrim and Skyrim SE, the game drops that item from the game. And that is going to consider in LOOT, i.e.,

loading order of the game occurs some error and we go through one error message on the device screen.

LOOT not detecting the Skyrim that means there comes a situation like the game has crashed or the system keeps searching the game to no end. Both of this situation occurs while starting or playing the LOOT.

How to solve

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LOOT is a Load Order, Optimizing Tool.

LOOT is kind of a game launcher. If any object disconnects from the game, the Launcher LOOT will start searching to no end. This thing will go to the error part of the game. This is not that hard as it can be seen commonly.

By the end of this article, you can get LOOT not Detecting Skyrim, and Skyrim SE issue gets solved for sure. So let us move on to all the solutions regarding Why LOOT not Detecting Skyrim and Skyrim SE (Special Edition)?

Solution One 1

Restart your System or Device

  • There is a most common and most easy solution to all problems over the system, or the devices are to restart it.
  • You can get all running back end application and system error closed by a simple restart.
  • This will help the Skyrim or Skyrim SE to launch in their system updated mode.
  • When you restart any system or device, it will clean the system Random Access Memory. 
  • But be aware of saving all the important documents before clicking on the restart button; otherwise, it causes your important data unsaved.

Solution Two 2

Run Skyrim and Skyrim SE through Stream

  • If your LOOT is not Detecting Skyrim and Skyrim SE, you can directly get it to play through the stream.
  • Direct stream launch will help the system to register all that file which LOOT not Detecting Skyrim and Skyrim SE. So It will not show any error on the screen while playing.
  • If you are still facing the error, then you can move on to solution number three.

Solution Three 3

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Change the destination for Skyrim

  • In this solution, you can choose the destination of your Skyrim at other places in the system. This can resolve the issue.
  • Go to C:\Users\YourUsername\Appdata\Local\LOOT
  • Now go to the file named settings. YAML and open with notepad.
  • Now press ctrl+f and type “type: Skyrim” and replace the destination from “path:\” where the Skyrim is installed.

Solution four 4

Run LOOT as an administrator

  • If both steam and Skyrim have the same destination program (x86) folder, this can not be resolved after running it through steam.
  • For that particular issue, we can do like, run both stream and Skyrim as an administrator.
  • To switch over the administrator mode, you can go to the icon or shortcut and do the right-click.
  • Now select the option Run as Administrator. That is how LOOT not Detecting Skyrim and Skyrim SE can be fixed.

Important FAQs

What is the difference between Skyrim and Skyrim special edition (SE)? 

Both Skyrim and Skyrim SE are quite similar in terms. The main difference between both editions is 

  • Skyrim is on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and pc. At the same time, Skyrim SE is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox 1, and pc as well.
  • Skyrim’s special edition has some special graphics than Skyrim.
  • Skyrim SE has the creation club.

 Does Skyrim special edition have all DLC?  

  • DLC stands for Downloadable content. 
  • There are three (downgaurd, hearthfire, Dragonborn) DLC in add-ons that were released in 2013.
  • The latest version of Skyrim was available in 2018
  • But there is not all DLC in the special edition of Skyrim.

 What does Skyrim special edition include? 

  • The Skyrim SE (special edition) comes with epic fantasy and stunning details.
  • The game has won around 200 game awards. 
  • The special edition includes all-new features and add-ons to make the game more realistic and fantastic.
  • The Skyrim SE game has remastered effects and arts, volumetric god rays, dynamic depth of the field, screen-space reflections, and much more to experience.

 How do I know what version of Skyrim I have SE?

  • Go to the game icon and start it.
  • It will lead to the system and open the screen.
  • Check the system menu.
  • That will show the present version of the game in the left bottom corner.
  • This way, you can get to know about the version of Skyrim.

Both the version of Skyrim gives realistic, and details experience to their gamers. We are sure you can get all clear answers about LOOT not Detecting Skyrim and Skyrim SE. 

You can always contact us for your valuable feedback and important discussion.

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