How To Fix Windows Key or WinKey Not Working on Windows 10?

How To Fix Windows Key or WinKey Not Working on Windows 10?
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The Windows key is an essential item for your Keyboard:

it participates in numerous shortcuts and evokes your Start menu

As you can see, this key is incredibly useful, and it can irritate any Windows 10 user if it does not work

While there could be many explanations for windows key not working windows 10, we researched the matter extensively and compiled a detailed list of proven tips on how to repair the Windows key

So, look at them all because we think we’ve managed to solve your problem

In case something goes wrong, it is to protect them against a potential loss.

For doing so, a storage unit or a cloud service should be used externally. You can also transfer your files to a different laptop

To back up the registry because many of the corrections contain registry changes

  • Click on the Windows logo icon, Run, Type Register, and click Enter to type registration editor
  • Pick Export and navigate to Data
  • Head to the list of exports. Have Everything
  • Pick where you want your backup file to be protected
  • Select Save and Sign it

When things don’t go as planned, you can restore and rerun your Windows Registry backup file

  • Using the instructions above to open the Registry Editor
  • Head to Import navigation. Choose your file for backup

As you have been careful to make sure your registry is secure and secured from irreparable harm, you can quickly repair your Windows logo key

See if the hardware is a problem

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However, a delicate piece of hardware is your Keyboard. And at any given moment it can go haywire.

In that way, make sure that it isn’t faulty at this moment.

Check that any time you press the Windows logo key, its functions can not be performed.

See if your Keyboard is functioning well with other keys

Check if you are using an external keyboard that it is connected to another host to have the same windows ten windows key not workin .

The argument is that the unit may need to be replaced

See the start menu for your Start

Check now if there is any access to your Start tab

The thing is, you may have been fooled by the belief that your Windows logo key is working incorrectly when you have the Start screen

Let’s first try and trigger the following in your Start menu

  • Right-click on the taskbar icon of your Windows logo
  • From the menu, pick Run
  • Recording style (no quotes)
  • Go to CurrentVersion\Exploration\Advanced Go to the right panel and click on them. Go to CurrentVersion\Advanced Panels
  • Choose New-> 32-bit value of DWORD
  • Name it the ActivateMenu. Label it

Disable System’s gaming mode

It can be in-game mode if you use a computer keyboard. You can do it without your Windows key.

Using the key for Win Lock

Most keys have a unique key designed to trigger or deactivate the Windows logo.

You may accidentally have pressed Win Lock and your Windows logo key disabled.

You can quickly overcome this issue by pressing the Win Lock key again if you do

Deactivate the choice Filter Key

This function causes your Keyboard to miss brief or repetitive keystrokes that could lead to your WinKey problem in Windows 10.

Using the instructions below to deactivate filter keys

  • Click the icon of your Start menu right-clicks
  • Choose Menu Settings
  • Navigate and click on Quick Access
  • Click the Keyboard and go to the left window
  • Find the function filter keys
  • Turn it off. Turn it off
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In Windows Registry allow the logo key for Windows

The recorded result of this registry change is ‘WinKey not working (Windows 10).’ What are you going to do here

  • select Run as the start line
  • Form regedit without the Registry Editor starting quotes
  • Then traverse the currentControlSet / Control\Keyboard Configuration to HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\SYSTEM
  • See Scancode Map in the right row
  • Just right-click and select Delete

Rerun your Windows 10

It is said that this easy trick has WinKey on its track for many users. How you can do this.

  • Open your task management. You can use the Ctrl+Alt+Delete or Ctrl+Shift+Esc shortcut for this purpose
  • Browse to the tab Info
  • Explorer.exe search. Right-click on it and select End mission. Your computer will be black after this process. Don’t be upset – this is part of the remedy
  • Open again, your Project Manager
  • Click file—Press link. From the drop-down menu pick Exercise new mission
  • The New Task Fenster is established. Enter ‘explorer.exe‘ (excluding quotes)
  • Press Enter.

fn key not working windows 10

To fix the problem of fn key not working windows 10, Tap on the Start button and pick “Mobility Center” to access it on Windows 10 or 8.1. Press Windows Key + X on Windows 7.

You can see the “Fn Key Actions” option, which may also be available in your computer manufacturer’s keyboard configuration tool

shift key not working windows 10

Some users get rid of the main problem of Shift by upgrading their operating system on Windows.

You should try this way to fix the problem and avoid it.

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Automatic updates are enabled on Windows 10, but an update or two can still be skipped

Click Windows Key+I on your Keyboard to open the settings

How do you fix ctrl key not working windows 10

  • Simultaneously click ctrl+alt+fn
  • Try uninstalling the driver, reinstalling and reinstalling the computer
  • Try repairing the plug on the Keyboard on your computer

How do you fix the backspace key not working windows 10?

You will need to upgrade Windows 10, in the hope that your key will be backed up to Chrome and other programs if your Keyboard is excellent and you improve their drivers, test its settings, but Baggage may stop working for unknown reasons

How to fix the print screen key not working windows 10?

Many background applications, such as OneDrive, Snippet or Dropbox, etc.

Will take over the Print Screen Key and prevent screenshots from being taken on the device.

If the F or F Lock key is on your Keyboard, the Windows 10 Print Screen will cause them to fail, as the Print Screen key can be switched off.

If so, press F Mode or F Lock again to trigger the Print Screen key

How to fix windows 10 product key not working?

In certain situations, when trying to enable Windows 10, you can experience other problems.

Perhaps you can fix the problem by resetting the license status if your activation key does not work.

Close Command Prompt and restart the machine after the instruction is executed.

Seek to reactivate Windows until your device restarts

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