How To Find Your Lost Phone Using IMEI Number?

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How Do I Find My Lost Phone Using IMEI Number?

Approximately 70 million phones are lost every year and never recovered. You worry if your Mobile is missing, what do you do? You know if your phone is missing, can you track your phone? You can, Yes.

Learn how to follow IMEI online free of charge, and prevent strangers from using it illegally. Read this article. It is easy to follow this method.

What is IMEI Number?

IMEI is a 15 unique number found on any mobile phone and is used as the ID for your phone and can not be changed at any time .. IMEI is a 15 unique number found on every cell phone. Check behind the battery when you purchase a new phone, and your IMEI number will be present. It is essential to do so and to keep the number secure because if your phone is ever misplaced. It may be useful.

Make sure you contact your service provider as soon as possible when your phone is stolen and ask them to block their IMEI call. If the IMEI number is blocked, none of your phones will be able in any network in the country to make or receive calls, send or receive text messages.

Isn’t it beautiful? This makes your data safe even if you have stolen your phone.

How to find the IMEI number on Mobile?

You can search your IMEI number on an android telephone in many ways.

Type *#06# 

It’s the fastest route. The IMEI phone details will pop up and dial * # 06 # is all you have to do.

Test the settings of your device: 

The IMEI number for your phone can also be found on the settings menu of your phone. Go to Phone settings. You can find it either in the top or in the lower section depending on the phone brand.

Look Under the Battery :

The telecommunications IMEI number is usually mounted on a sticker attached underneath the plug.

How to track the IMEI tracker app for the lost phone?

If you know your IMEI number, the IMEI application that you can find online is easy to track for free.

Search for “IMEI phone tracker” and go to your playshop app. Download on any Smartphone “IMEI tracker-Find my mobile.”

Click the “Download” button to start the download.

You will be asked to fill in the telephone number of persons you trust after you download the application.

You may be friends or relatives. If your telephone has been stolen and you have inserted a new SIM in your phone, the number of people you trust will automatically receive text messages.

Included are the IMEI number and the location of the telephone.

Complete your lost phone’s IMEI number and tap “Track.” And there will be a pop-up window that displays the actual phone location.

The phone location can be monitored easily with the IMEI phone tracker.

The “IMEI Phone tracker” feature is that you can send text messages or the “Getlostphone” command to your lost smartphone with other users.

After this, the app will send you the exact location and approve the request.

How to track lost Mobile with IMEI number?

On Google Play there is a broad range of telephone finder apps for you, such as AntiTheft App & IMEI Tracker All Phone Location, Find Lost Phone, Find My Device, SeekDroid: Find My Phone, etc. The majority of them can be enabled by the SMS that you send.

How to track lost Samsung mobile with IMEI number?

Phase 1: Tap your Samsung phone settings, scroll down, and select About your phone. Step 1:

Phase 2: Tap the Status option now and then the IMEI data. Now, somewhere safe enter your computer IMEI number and model number.

How to track lost Mobile with IMEI number online?

Start downloading the application when you get the best IMEI tracker software. Open the app once installed. Provide permissions including location, SMS, storage, call, and contacts for all IMEI tracker application requirements. Specify the lost phone’s IMEI number, then check the input, and click “track.”

How to track lost mobile phone with IMEI number?

Start installing the application as you get the best IMEI tracker app. Open the app following installation. Offer all IMEI application permissions, including location, SMS, stocking, calling, and contact information. Enter the missing phone IMEI number, then check your entry and click “track.”

How to track lost Mobile with IMEI number in USA?

The IMEI (international identity for mobile devices) will help you to track your lost phone. Here is how you find your cellphone’s IMEI number: Punch * # 06 # and a 15-digit phone number will show you.

How to track a lost android phone using IMEI number?

You ‘re torn between what you’re next at this stage. And here are online telephone tracking platforms. You have to type on how to track my lost phone for free and how to track your phone from the result you will have a million options.

Millions of telephones are stolen or lost every year. Almost every owner tries to recover their android phones in different ways, but it is still not enough. That’s ten years ago, though. The chances of finding your telephone are higher with IMEI tracking online.

FAQs :

How can I find my lost Android phone with IMEI number online?

Once you know your stolen phone’s IMEI number, you can easily track it free of charge with an online application called IMEI Phone Tracker.

Step: 1: Check for your “IMEI tracker” app in the PlayStore.

Step: 2 “Subscribe to IMEI tracker on any smartphone” download.

How do you locate a lost cell phone that is turned off?

The best way to monitor an ‘off’ telephone is – secretly – to install a chip linked to the battery supply of your phone. So, even if the phone is ‘off,’ the disk is still ‘on.’ ‘It is not the phone itself that is tracked in this case, but the chip.

How can you track a stolen phone?

You have to remember one thing with Android’s baked-in service: This web site is where you are going to lose your phone in an unfortunate event. Be sure to log in to your Android phone’s own Google account.

Not close to a machine? The app “Find my mobile,” which you must access separately from the Play store, can also be used with another Android device. Google will try to find your phone immediately after you sign up for the site or app.

Can I track my stolen phone using IMEI number?

Once you know your robbed phone’s IMEI number, you can easily track it free of charge with your IMEI phone tracker app.

Step 1:: Go for “IMEI Phone Tracker” in your playshop app and search.

Step 2: You can easily track the location of your phone using the IMEI phone tracker.

How can I track my IMEI number online?

Start to install the application when you have the best IMEI tracker app. Open the app once installed. Provide the requisite permission in place, SMS, storage, calling, and contacts for the IMEI tracker application. Enter the missed phone IMEI number, then check the input and click “path.”

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