How to Activate OWN on Roku, Amazone Fire TV, Apple TV, Android? [The complete guide]

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OWN TV is available with all the latest shows and lie streams. Also, there are original series and classic videos to explore. OWN TV is available on many devices such as Apple TV, Roku, Amazone Fire TV, and Android.

Users need to do activate process at once to watch the most popular streaming shows.

You can learn steps with the complete guide given in this article.

What is OWN TV?

OWN TV stands for Oprah Winfrey Network TV. This is generally known as OWN. This is available with endless entertainment for their viewers.

The multinational cable channel OWN is owned by Discovery Inc and Harpo Studio and replaced by Discovery Health Channel.

How to activate OWN TV?

OWN TV on Roku

Go to the Home Screen on Roku. Move for the Roku channel store. Here you will find the list of Streaming channels.

Here it would be best if you found “WATCH OWN TV” in the search bar. This is available under the “Movies & TV” Category.

Now give a click on the “+Add Channel” option. This will let you add OWN TV on your Roku. It will take few minutes to install.

Now go to the OWN TV icon and tap to launch it. This will display an” Activation Code”. Take it for future reference.  

Visit the https // from any of your devices and Enter the “Activation Code” you have got from the app. After that, hit the “Activate” button. And you will receive a successful activation message. 

Now sing in on the app and get OWN TV shows in no time.

OWN TV on Apple TV

Apple TV is most available to users. Now they can enjoy their OWN TV also over there. For that, go to the Apple App Store.

Here you will find the OWN TV app from the search bar. Now move for the “DOWNLOAD” and open the application after installation.

Now go to the device browser and open the link https // Now enter the activation code in the box and do activate. Here activation process will come to an end.

OWN TV on Fire TV

For fire TV, you can use the http // on firestick link. You can activate with the below steps.

Reach the Home screen and get the search box. Here it would be best if you searched for the “OWN TV”.

Here download and launch the app. You will get the OWN TV on the list. You will see a unique activation code from there.

Once you have an activation code, go to the https // on firestick URL. Here enter the same activation code and click on the “Activate” button. And proceed for sing-in. 

 OWN TV on Android

You might have a question about How to Watch OWN TV on Android TV? Android devices have Google Play Store in it. Open the same and navigate for the “OWN TV”.  

Download the OWN TV and open it. This will launch the application into your device. Receive the activation code from there.

After that, go to the activate the site, and enter the activation code in the activation code box. And click the “Activate”.

OWN TV on Xbox

Yes, you can stream the OWN TV using Xbox. At the very first step, go to the Xbox app store. When you get the search box, find the “OWN TV” on that.

Here download and install the app. You will get the activation code from there. Keep that with you for future reference.

Open the https // and enter the activation code. This will activate OWN TV on Xbox.

Why My OWN TV activation code is not working?

When you find your OWN TV is not working, you must go through the below-given steps.

Make sure that your internet is connected correctly. The OWN TV is not working without a VPN over the UK. So connect with VPN and try again.

Make your OWN TV app uninstall and again go through the installation process. After reinstallation, you will find a new activation code. Now you can activate with that code.

When you get the activation code, you must enter it on start watchown tv / activate within a specific time. After too much time, the code will not work. So you need to follow a process quickly. 

Make sure that you are using the correct activation code. For that, you need to note down the code from the OWN TV app and later go to the And enter the given perfect code.

About OWN GO

The OWN GO TV also demand their users to activate it before using it. Users can activate the same from the OWN GO TV kind of same as OWN TV. This has headquarters in the USA. Users can enjoy a lot many TV shows and other stuff.


 Is Watch OWN app free?

Apart from the TV provider, users do not need to pay any cost for their OWN TV. Users can download it for free from their device store.

You can stream and watch your favorite shows at zero coasts. 

What are the devices that I can get the OWN TV app?

Apart from Roku, Apple TV, Amazon TV, it is available on Hulu also. Users need to pay $5.99 per month.  

You can get OWN TV via YouTube. Users can access this in the culture category. Well, a YouTube subscription is necessary for this. 

Is OWN TV available on Netflix?

It is not. Netflix has a large amount of streaming content. The OWN TV is not available on Netflix.

Do the activate steps vary from device to device?

Well, in most of the devices, it’s kind of the same steps to follow for activation. But in some cases, you need to be specific.

For that, visit the above steps and follow them throughout. 

 What is the quick guide to finding the OWN TV app on my TV?

You can go through the above-given article. This has detailed specifications on it.


OWN TV is available instantly via the device’s play store. User can get their favorite latest shows at any time. This is so easy to get OWN TV on a personal device.

You just need to follow the above-given steps specifically with a start watchown tv / activate. And you can start your OWN TV.  

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