Top 20 Free Digital Marketing Tools 2021

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List of Free Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2021 :

In order to achieve better results in their marketing campaigns, most marketers require essential digital marketing tools.

Digital marketing tools mastery for 2021 are constantly in demand, which often makes it harder to select goods on the market. 

The four key points before choosing your tools include optimizing conversion rates, achieving more advances, and efficient budgeting of your target audience.

Owing to the fact that conversion rates optimized digital marketing analysis tools tend to generate more sales and better revenue and, eventually, allows the target audience, prospective clients, or even consumers to interact. 

Best online marketing platforms can, of course, allow any organization (regardless of size) to do so much, particularly if properly used with the right digital platform tools to tackle different marketing aspects each. 


If you don’t track the right measurements, lead generation efforts will be hindered. 

In order to provide users with aggregated marketing and visual reports, what graph integrates more than 40 different digital tools. 

Not to mention the broad possibilities for integration encourage cross-channel performance assessment.

ProProfs Survey Maker

ProProfs Survey Builder is a SaaS-based platform to create perfect surveys and to collect customer’s and employees’ feedback. 

This tool simplifies the way you measure client satisfaction and loyalty. With the Online Survey Software, you can create a single one with more than 100 + ready-to-use survey samples, more than 1,000,000 questions, and many customization options.

 You can build NPSs, polls, popups, sidebar, and in-app surveys with quizzes with ProProfs Survey Creator. With insightful information analytics and reporting segment, you can optimize your goods and services to your target audience’s preferences.

 You can submit your survey through various channels, for example through social networks, emails, or simply insert it on your website.


Latana is Google Analytics for brand managers: a resource stack for research, delivering accurate knowledge.

Latana Brand Analytics provides an interactive dashboard for brand marketers, which helps them to track brand success over time. 

Users will benefit from information on target markets, the effect of the advertisement, and the results of the competition.

Latana data can be used for tailoring marketing campaigns to target audiences and enhancing brand performance, bringing faster growth, reduced acquiring costs, and enhanced maintenance.


The tool also provides you with feedback surveys and surveys to collect input that lets you understand visitors to your website.

Hotjar adds data and insights to standard web analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

It’s a leading, user-friendly service incorporating research and reviews so you can appreciate the activities on your website, what your customers are interested in and what they need to say.


Don’t you know the simple metrics any longer? In addition to standard reports, Finteza allows you to connect. 

A special solution for those wanting sales increase and/or cost reduction.

And how are the advanced measures benefiting? A bot detector can detect and determine the form and source of bad traffic. 

All of your sources can be analyzed and conversion calculations for all sources in real-time. 

For all traffic attraction channels, Finteza can provide detailed in-depth analyses. 

For example, in terms of conversion rates and unreliable outlets you can compare statistics on Google Ads, Facebook, and affiliates.


Visual marketing became particularly important in 2021 as part of marketing. 

With customers keeping 80% and only 20% of the items they read, it is no wonder that the incorporation of visual marketing with their business marketing strategy is so important for businesses.

It also provides various size images in the social media network using a simple drag-and-drop interface.


 It is a popular email listing building tool that has been used for creating subscription lists by many WordPress bloggers and website owners. 

OptinMonster provides a user-friendly interface with many interesting opt-in models to transform email opt-in types.


Upselling with 1 button, funneling, and performance checking. 

Thrivecart is a really popular cart application that Infusionsoft can incorporate for the payment collection of your website.


The most important account for your social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn is run via AgoraPulse. 

Posts can be scheduled, social media activities measured and your followers competed for and tested.


Traackr is one of the leading marketing tools that are essential digital marketing tools for influent people that enables you to manage your relationship with influencers, discover influencers that help your brand, and calculate your individual influencing and KPI measurements to monitor your ROI.

Google Keyword Planner 

This is a free tool to find keywords and ideas and see how keywords work. 

You will then be able to use all your keyword work in order for web site and Google AdWords to target search engines.


Google research results and observations can be somewhat misleading that people eventually lose important details. 

Semrush gives advertisers the ability to analyze their website and to analyze rivals using Google Biological and paid search results. 

See the other SEO devices we would like important.


Feedly is a content management tool that allows you to collect and read content from bloggers and news sites, to subscribe to RSS feeds, and especially to curate the content of social media, which you can either store or share directly through your Feedly interface.

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics tools for a digital marketing agency is one of the most widely-known digital marketing analytical tools in the world.

The online platform offers you access to different reports containing information on your users, which marketing channels are more efficient in terms of leads, conversions, downloads, and sales.


ConvertKit can help bloggers and companies seek to expand their online audience by building signup and landing pages with excellent templates as a quick and easy-to-use email marketing automation. 

ConvertKit helps you to log and send emails to sell to customers. 


You can use todoist colors for each project from which you can also create children’s projects. 

With the drag-and-drop feature, you also can organize your projects in seconds. 

You will collaborate on projects and delegate tasks to team members or individuals with whom you collaborate, with this to-do list app. 

More comprehensive project management software can be found here.


Buzzsumo is an additional tool to track your brand, competitors, and any important keyword.

However, Buzzsumo is best known for its exciting features that enable you to find the common content of your choice. 

This allows you to discover content that is much more popular and shared.


Multiple resources are now being handled chaotically for businesses. With their simple, efficient, and integrated platform, EngageBay helps you develop and manage your company and clients for all your marketing, sales, and service requirements.

EngageBay is a robust business Tool designed as best online marketing platforms, to save time and money by automating your company functions with integrated marketing automation, email marketing, free CRM & sales, and live chat & helpdesk.

Ubersuggest :

You will enter your main keywords and enter the search number and the difficulty to write a blog post using Ubersuggest for your main keyword.

Conclusion :

Although digital marketing software can be very easily understood, many skills are required to automate and use digital marketing resources, events, practices, and patterns to achieve adequate R&D, sales, and conversions.

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