What is Discord Top Secret Control Panel And How To Use?

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If you are a Discord user, then you ought to be searching for Discord Top Secret Control Panel. Here is a comprehensive guide linked to top-secret controller.

Discord is a strong gaming chat server which never allows you to undergo the issue of disconnecting from the friends.

It is a software that integrates a chat reception , also a message board, and a VoIP chatting system integrated inside a lightweight software.

It’s intended for strong community communication over the computer and mobile platforms.

It gained fame following the widespread addiction of unknown player battlegrounds(PUBG).

What Discord will be for?

Discord empowers you to create custom chat rooms or join discussion poems of several giving communities simply looking them.

The users can create or join a discord host to stay connected with friends and family during gameplay and also have each other’s back into a team match.

All you will need to do will be install and download Discord from the official discord website,”discordapp.com,” and create your accounts on Discord.

But little do the rookies know that Discord has a top-secret control panel attribute in the PC edition of this.

It may be located from right-clicking on the discord icon in the notification bar of Windows.

But this attribute appears to be disabled and thus can’t be clicked.

Access the Discord top secret control panel?

First, you will need to set up Discord in your Windows platform.

It may be done by following the steps mentioned below:

Download the application from discordapp.com.

How to Access Discord Top Secret Control Panel?

Step 1. Download Discord on your own personal computer from discordapp.com.

Step 2. Double click the downloaded file to install it on your PC.

Step 3. Once installed, visit the telling bar and pat the discord icon. Here you’ll find the very top of this grayed-out Top Secret Control Panel.

The Possible Reason for Why You Cannot Access Top-Secret Control Panel?

  • The feature might only be open to the Discord developers for development and maintenance and purposes. 
  • This attribute may be in its beta version but could nevertheless be under development to be released in a subsequent stage.
  • Another possibility is the Top Secret Control Panel is merely the Title of the on-screen menus.

How to Enable or Disable Top-Secret Control Panel?

  • At the moment, the button has been disabled, and the button has been disabled for almost five years.
  • In other words, you can enable Top Secret Control Panel right now.
  • However, we nevertheless believe that Discord might bring some attributes using the top-secret control panel in the next phase.

How do you unlock the top secret control panel on Discord?

  • Download the application from discordapp.com.
  • Double click the downloaded file to install it on your PC.
  • Once installed, visit the notification bar and right-click on the discord icon.
  • You can see the topsecret control panel button on the top which is grey that signifies it’s disabled.

Top secret control panel Discord not working

The reason you cannot access topsecret control panel might be due to the following anticipated theories: This feature might only be open to the program was and developers of discord for development and maintenance purposes.

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