Free Online PDF Compressor – Batch Compress PDF Quickly

Free Online PDF Compressor – Batch Compress PDF Quickly
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How to reduce the size of a pdf file can hit you like a rock if you do not know how to do it. In this post, we will tell you about the best pdf compressor tools that can help you reduce the size of your pdf files. 

There are many online pdf compressor tools, but not all of them are as good as those we have listed below for our readers. The pdf tools that we have discussed below are very advanced and free to use, so you have to try them out for free!

Free PDF compressor

Duplichecker is known to be one of the finest platforms for providing a free PDF compressor. The pdf compressor by Duplichecker is one of the best online tools that can help you shrink pdf files. You must know that compressing pdf files can be very difficult without online services. This Compress PDF tool is not only free but is very reliable in its working. The maximum you have to perform is to upload the files in the uploading box and click on the ‘convert’ button to start changing the formats. This tool has gathered so much fame because there are no limitations in its use. You can compress several files as per your need in a single day. The best part is, the tool protects the quality of the original format in the compressed version!

Free PDF compressor by Adobe

Adobe’s free pdf compressor tool is another reliable service that can help you shrink pdf files to a smaller format. Adobe is the very founder of this format. So it is only obvious that you will get all the relevant services from this platform. You must know that the adobe compressor is best for compressing small and large batches of pdf files without any trouble. This pdf compressor tool gives you the option to select the medium of compression. You can choose the level easily as per your choice. After selecting the compression medium, you have to click on the button that says, ‘compress pdf’. The tool would hardly take less than ten seconds to reduce the size of your files!


This is another online service that can help you reduce the size of pdf files and that too for free. You must know that this online pdf website is best for all sorts of manipulations. This website’s interface is quite basic, and you don’t need any experience to use this site on any of your devices. You have to open the site on your browser and select your desired option/tool that you want to use. On top of the tool, you would see the ‘compress pdf’ section. You have to click on it and then enter the large files that are causing your trouble. After inserting the files, you have to set the compression level from basic and strong and get your smaller version file in less than five secs!

PDF Compressor

This online compressor tool is one of the simplest website tools available on the internet. This website tool is very appealing because of its attractive interface and its ability to compress a complete batch of pdf files in one go. You can take up to twenty documents with this online tool in one go, and this is a big plus about it. You don’t have even to click any button to start the compression after uploading the files. You have to enter the files, and the tool would start compressing them automatically. The tool would shrink the file to its lowest size where the quality of it is not compromised. You can compress the file over and over again if you want to. 


This website is also considered to be best for editing, converting, and compressing pdf files. You must know that if you are in a hurry to share some files and cannot do so because of their size, this is the perfect website. You can enter any pdf file you want into the tool having whatever content in it and use the compressor options to shrink the files’ size. You would see that the tool would get you a reduced version of the same file without affecting its quality and style. This is a very powerful platform, and you should surely try it out!

Small PDF

This website also offers you tons of facilities that can help you tackle pdf files. From reading pdf files to compressing them, the small pdf has it all. This is a cloud-based service so you can easily use it on any device you want by opening it on your browser. The pdf compressor tool can help you reduce the file size not only because it is free but also because of its efficiency and good quality results. This website is best if it is your first time shrinking a pdf file!

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