How To Close Or Reactivate Your Yahoo Account

How To Close Or Reactivate Your Yahoo Account
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How do I close or reactivate my yahoo account?

You may want to delete your Yahoo account with the serious security violations Yahoo has suffered. 

If you can’t or don’t want to delete your account, you should secure your account at least.

A 2013 security violation, which affected data of more than a billion user accounts, was reported by Yahoo. 

It included names, e-mail addresses, passwords, phone numbers, birth dates, and much more. In 2014, cookies were forged and data were stolen from a minimum of half-billion accounts, another violation of security occurred.


Before you can delete your Yahoo account, there are certain things you must do.

You need to disable it before deleting your account when you have enabled the Yahoo account key to secure your Yahoo account.

If not, go to your password recovery Aid Sign-in tab. When you have a password you will sign-in and save information including email and attachments, addresses, calendar activities, photographs and files of the Yahoo Community, and conversations with Yahoo Messenger.

You may also want to download photos of your Flickr account. Blogs are saved on your Tumblr account and your Yahoo Finance account is downloaded.

One way of saving your Yahoo emails is by adding your Yahoo account to a POP account on your PC. 

This downloads to your computer all your Yahoo e-mails. You are not deleted because it’s not synced to your account when you remove your Yahoo account.

If in conjunction with the account you wish to delete, you use some paid Yahoo services, such as Yahoo Mail Plus, you cancel before deleting the associated Yahoo Mail account.

You can disconnect Yahoo from these accounts before deleting them if you have connected your social network account to social networking accounts like Facebook

In the “Settingsscreen accessed from the Yahoo Mail icon you can do this on your “Account.”

You can remove your Yahoo account data up to 90 days. You will uninstall the data before you delete your account if you do not want to wait. But you have to do this manually, unfortunately.

When you have been able to delete Yahoo ‘s password, go to this website and sign in if you haven’t.

A page showing your Yahoo Account Finishing Information.

Read the page and decide if your Yahoo account is actually deleted. If you want to delete your account further, press the “Continue” button.

Enter Yahoo’s email address to confirm that your identity will be deleted. Click ‘No, end this account.‘ Click ‘Yes.’

Your account will be disabled and deleted.

90 days are needed to delete the data on your account ( e.g. emails). The data will be held for 3 calendar years in a Yahoo Finance Premium account.


When you want to use your Yahoo account after you have deleted it, it can be reactivated if you have deleted it in around the last forty days. 

The accounts in Australia, New Zealand (around 90 days), and Brazil / Taiwan (roughly 180 days) are subject to longer periods. 

If Yahoo is deleted because of inactivity or if You are breaching Yahoo’s Service Terms, you can not re-activate your account.

  • You need to reach the mobile phone number and the recovery email linked to the account to reactivate the deleted Yahoo account. Log into your email and password Yahoo account.
  • To use your mobile phone to receive an account key, or to receive an account key in your recovery email, click “Yes, text me an account key.”
  • Enter your mobile or email a temporary account key in the box on the next screen and click “Verify.”
  • When you are successfully logged in, a “Success” screen displays. Click on the “Follow” button.
  • You ‘re going to see the message “Don’t get locked out.” Whether you have already added this information or not, you should add a recovery email and a phone number.
  •  If you have difficulties signing in, you can add multiple email addresses and telephone numbers to your accounts.
  • The e-mail or phone number has been changed, you should see a confirmation letter. To close the message and keep on to Yahoo’s account, click “OK.”


In the past few years, Yahoo has taken the cake of all data breaches that have shaken the tech community. 

Follow this guide to find out how to permanently delete a Yahoo account.

  • Sign up with the Yahoo ID you want to delete on your Yahoo account termination page.
  • Please notice that deleting the Yahoo Account would also remove any paid email address services.
  • Type your Yahoo password and press Ok, delete the Yahoo password.
  • Click I understand. 

When yahoo deletes the account, Congratulations, your Yahoo account just was deleted! Yahoo says that the deletion process takes approximately 40 days, which in some countries may take longer. 

It will take approximately 90 days for accounts registered in Australia or New Zealand, and users from Brazil or Thai must wait about 180 days.

How to reactivate yahoo account due to inactivity?

If you don’t subscribe for six months to your Yahoo account, you will be considered inactive. 

When you are a long-time Yahoo customer, you would need the company to sign in and prove that you are involved at least once a year.

Therefore, you will log in once in a while to your account. You will become inactive if you fail to do this. 

When your account is labeled inactive, any emails on your account will stop receiving, which may be a problem. The e-mails are returned to the sender.

Only after 365 days of inactivity, will Yahoo start deleting all the information on your account.

As previously mentioned, only after 365 days of failure is a Yahoo mail account deleted. 

After the 365 days of your account have passed and you have not signed in, Yahoo will delete the account for the next 90 days.

When you unable to delete yahoo account Or Delete my yahoo account right now …

  • Delete your accounts (Yahoo!)
  • Yahoo, visit it! ‘Conclude Your Yahoo! Page Account.
  • Sign in to your account Yahoo! Password!
  • To confirm your identity, type your password.
  • Type your morality into the CAPTCHA file.
  • To delete Yahoo!, press YES.

Does yahoo delete the old account?

Unused accounts are regularly deactivated by Yahoo Mail. You can not access the electronic mail, attachments, or other elements of your account if your account is disabled.

Find out why Yahoo deletes the old email accounts and how you can activate your Yahoo email account. You can not delete yahoo account without a password.



  • Open yahoo page.
  • Sign in to your account Yahoo! Username.
  • To confirm your identity, type in your password.
  • Type your morality in the CAPTCHA file.
  • To drop Yahoo! account, press YES.


  • Sign up with the Yahoo ID you want to delete on your Yahoo account termination page.
  • Check the account termination information and click Continue. There was a mistake.
  • Type your Yahoo password and press Ok, delete the Yahoo password.
  • Click I understand. 


Go to https:/ to open a web browser. Specify the email address or telephone number of your Yahoo address, and then choose Continue. Use the form for testing. Pick the text or email choices.


Restore your access to yahoo ID accounts :

  • Go to the Assistant for Sign-in.
  • Enter your Yahoo ID field with your Facebook or Google ID, and then tap Continue.
  • After signing in successfully, create a new password.

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