Handy Windows Tools for Office Workers

Handy Windows Tools for Office Workers
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If you work with Windows 10 every day – as many people do – it makes sense to be able to use it as intuitively as possible. Of course, Microsoft has included some incredible features that can make the Windows 10 user experience very streamlined.

However, there are some functions that you may have considered to be only applicable for 

Task Manager

We can all appreciate the practice of opening up an application in the duty of completing a task and then forgetting about it once you move on to the next lesson.

This can quickly pile up until you have a mess of apps that are slowing down your PC.

This is why getting into the practice of opening up Task Manager to see what apps are running and to shut down the ones you’re not using quickly can help make your workflow that bit quicker and smoother.

To access Task Manager instantly, press Ctrl + Shift + Esc.

Command Prompts

You may feel that, as a regular Windows user, you don’t have any need for Command Prompts; but if your PC and technology in general plays an essential role in your work, then it’s definitely worth learning about – and you don’t need to be an IT specialist to get the benefits of the Command Prompt function.

Some companies employ expert advice, such as using an Office 365 Consultant for specific IT training needs or an IT expert who can help with these tasks.

We’ve seen how this kind of help has been included in IT Support North London Solutions companies are using. Command Prompts can be used to find information that may not be readily available from the user interface – such as your IP address; you can use the Command Prompt to delete temporary files to get your PC running more quickly; you can schedule your PC to shut down at a particular time, meaning you don’t have to worry about leaving it on for hours.

These are just a few Command Prompts that users of any level can take advantage of.

To open the Command Prompt instantly, press [Windows Key] + R

Task Scheduler

This is another powerful tool that can be used to automate tasks, provide reminders or notifications, and run valuable functions on a schedule.

Task Scheduler can be a helpful way of scheduling simple tasks that most people won’t think to do, but which can improve the performance of your computer in subtle ways.

For example, you can schedule a recurring task to clear the DNS cache and renew the IP address – this is something that can have a small daily impact but will keep your internet connection healthy in the long term.

Other valuable tasks to have scheduled are weekly scans of your PC to check for system corruptions; a daily reboot to clear our log files and caches; you can even design specific apps to launch at certain day hours.

Having a good, solid provider of IT Support, like a partner who provides Business IT Support London Solutions that businesses trust, is an excellent place to start.

There is no shortcut to open Task Scheduler – you can easily access it by pressing [Windows Key] and typing “Task Scheduler” in the search bar.

Learning to use these lesser-known built-in tools for Windows 10 can work wonders for your workflow and ensure that your PC remains healthy and runs efficiently. 

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