Best Kodi Addons For Your Live TV

Best Kodi Addons For Your Live TV
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Top 10 Kodi Addons For Your Live TV in 2021

Who doesn’t love to watch their favorite tv shows as per their convenience?

But we have realized that nowadays watching tv through the same old traditional method (i.e., through cable connection) has become too expensive, thus it is time to opt for an alternative as good as the cable connection.

Here in this content, you will learn about Kodi Addons and how will it help you watch your favorite shows, movies and what not!

The next question is what is Kodi, right?

Well, Kodi is one of the most popular media players one can ever know, and its versatility makes it popular.

With the help of Kodi addons you can stream movies, listen to music and play the content you wish through the internet.

Kodi is the best example of cutting the cord and adopting the way of watching online TV.

To watch live TV on Kodi, you need to find out the right addon that will let you stream your favorite channels.

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Your next question would be how to find the right addon right? Here is some of the best addon list that will work perfectly, so keep reading!

Best Kodi Addons For Live TV

Top 10 Kodi Addons For Your Live TV
Top 10 Kodi Addons For Your Live TV

Before we proceed, here is a little piece of advice, whatever you stream on Kodi is visible to your ISP & Government, so you might need a VPN which would be fast & secure.

Make sure you get a VPN first and then proceed with the live stream and watch the show hassle-free!

Hulu is the alternative of Kodi you can take a look into it.

Here is the list of Addons:

cCloud TV

If you love to watch programs for USA & UK channels then this would be a suitable option.

This addon brings dozens of live programs from both countries.

Here, you can watch TV content related to News, Music, Sports, Movies, TV shows and a lot more and the content is of high-quality so +1 to this addon.

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This addon brings you a wide range of live TV channel libraries from many parts of the world.

This addon also features many premium satellite channels so you can enjoy them too all FREE of cost.


This is an IPTV addon from Skydarks Repository. This addon offers you Live TV, concerts, radio, movies, cartoons and more.

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It also has a special category for sports call Live Sports where you can watch a range of live sports through several streams.


This is an addon for those who want to watch content either in Spanish or in English, depend on mood.

Though it might be not as best as the other ones, it has enough library of channels that won’t let you get bored.


Well, this one fits for all those who would love to watch some content in Portuguese because this addon primarily focuses on TV channels in Portuguese.

But don’t worry it does have a big list of English channels too. What makes this addon explicit is, it also has a special ‘World TV‘ section, where you go through the tv channels from the world.

Furious Streams

Just like cloud TV, this addon also offers a huge collection of TV Channels from the USA & UK.

What this addon has to offer is 5 lists of FREE live TV Channels from these 2 countries on its home screen and it also has a dedicated Sports channels category.

Amerikano Tuga

We are pretty sure that this one is not so that popular addon for most of you, but we have included this one in the list for the simple reason, it allows us to watch TV channels from around the world and that too hassle-free.

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The home screen of this add-on features several categories with links to various channels.

Of course, these categories will be country wise, but what will amaze you is that you will also find sections like TV, VIP Kids, Movies, etc.


This is the most popular Kodi addons and you can download it from the Kodil repository.

It is an on-demand addon and it has a section named ‘Channels’ where you can watch an extensive range of channels. It also lets you watch Live channels in different categories like Movies, Sports, TV Shows, Music and more.

So that’s a wrap-up for the list. Of course, there are plenty of addons available but what is the point if we download each one and after installing, we come to know that it doesn’t work.

The addons that are listed above works for sure, so you don’t have to depend on cable connection anymore!

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