Top 10 Best Free Internet Speed Test Website of 2021

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If you are using the new fiber optics or only operating the Wi-Fi, the internet provider may be assured that you can make convincing promises about the quality, upload, and download rates.

You must now test the speed of your internet. So please check your Internet connection from the best websites.

Well, if we look around, we’ll find that nearly everybody now has an internet link at home and work.

When we say home internet, we often pay the price based on Internet speed when we sign up for home internet. The more quickly it is, the more we pay.

There could be several reasons behind this if you get slower internet speed recently. It may come from your signal power, mode, or the question of DNS. Most of the time, however, the ISP cheats us slowly.

So, does your ISP offer the expected data speeds? The easiest way to understand this is through a visit to the speed check sites.

There are several speed check places that can monitor the network speed without delay. These websites monitor your internet speed in real-time with the highest accuracy.

Another good thing is that the need for extra software is eliminated from these websites.

An online speed check will first be performed when you apply for a new internet contract. 

There is no concern about Internet speed testing.

There are no concerns. It’s easy to test. Just open and execute one of the best internet speed tests.

It will tell you the actual connection speed quickly. You can then determine whether you receive what you paid for with this information. 

Read on as we analyze 10 of the most successful free speed tests in 2021.

Online Speedtest by Ookla

Ookla is the original online free speed, testing provider. Users can use Ookla ‘s free speed test with the click of a single button to find the unequivocal information about their Internet speeds in real-time.

While Ookla automatically couples you with a local service, by clicking the “Change Server” link and searching in the search bar, you can choose your own.

They also perform a ping test in conjunction with upload and download speeds.

This is good in distant geographical regions for those who are curious about ping times between themselves and others.


  • Quite impartial.
  • General Leader.
  • Run an experiment.
  • Selection of servers.
  • Free to use.


  • Unnecessary advertisement pop-ups.


NetSpot is a full wireless auditors tool for wireless area coverage research, network health, network viability and so much more, rather than just a simple speed check.

By analyzing the wireless radio frequency behavior of NetSpot, individuals and consumers can determine the best setup for wireless networks.

NetSpot will help you to identify your WiFi coverage, to identify “dead” areas, and to understand where the equipment should be positioned to allow optimum coverage.

NetSpot also works as a problem solver for network connectivity-related problems.

Using NetSpot to solve communication issues and recognize wireless interference sources when seeking expert advice.


  • Diagnostic Service and Holistic Wireless.
  • A wide selection of characteristics.
  • Excellent for companies.
  • Personal usage free. 


  • Complicated UI. 
  • Far more than a fast and easy test.

 Verizon Speed Test

With over 147 million customers in the USA, Verizon Wireless is the largest internet service, provider.

Verizon provides a free speed check for so many customers with so many different broadband plans.

While it is just good to provide your customers with a free speed test, you have to wonder if the Verizon speed test results are indeed impartial.

In this regard, users should also take into account the testing of their Internet speeds on one independent website.

However, the free speed test from Verizon is easy to use and offers users a variety of tips and additional details.


  • Ressource links and other details.
  • Free usage for users.


  • Source distorted.
  • Verizon’s big ad room.
  • Only for the US.

 Google Fiber Speed Test

Google Fiber Speed Test is one of the world’s best fiber optics manufacturers, a Google Speed Check. 

Google Fiber Speed Test is designed to test any Internet speed while keeping Google Fiber in mind. Users should click on the play button, without the cluttered ads.

The play button begins the check, and results appear quickly in the center of the screen in the speed meter.

Google also offers a connection here to learn more about overall speed checks, the effects on speed, and how Internet speed can be improved.


  • Conduct a test of ping.
  • Easy-to-use GUI.
  • No Announcements.
  • Clear user interface.


  • Flexibility / Not Autonomous Contractor prejudice.

 Fast is a free website run by Netflix which is easy to use. Just visit – the official website of Netflix Speed Test – and instantly throw up your internet speed.

There is no cause for concern if it is a few Mbps lower than what you are expecting.

Most of the time, Netflix required people to check Netflix content for their current speed but the results produced are quite close to those obtained directly from your ISP utilizing a test speed.


  • Super Easy user interface
  • Testing runs on a framework for a stable https.


  • Lack of transparency concerning help desk support or speed improvement. is a speed check developed and optimized for mobile devices for most operating systems. has a history chart to help you compare past results if you want to perform multiple speed tests over time.

This can be helpful for the speed diagnosis of potential rush or throttling times. can help you determine when your internet connection is most powerful because providers can occasionally be overwhelmed with popular usage.


  • Web and computer HTML5 Streamlined.
  • Application development Easy.


  • Site Advertising.
  • Cluttered slightly interface.

 AT&T Internet Speed Test

AT&T provides a DSL Reports online speed check. While the service itself looks a little outdated, it does work well and provides accurate results.

We appreciate the fact that the results of tests appear as plain text, which makes copying and later saving simple.


  • Furnishes MP3 Files and Video Clips Download Estimates.
  • Generates Upload Information for E-mail and photo gallery attachments.


  • No documentation on the location of the test.
  • Your Email address is not provided information.
  • No ISP information. No ISP information.
  • No Ping/frequency based on the prior performance on smartphones. 
  • No details.


SpeedSmart is a useful Internet speed monitor that offers download/upload speed information and ping data for your link.

If you want to deeply examine your relation, this ping information may be of interest.

With the comprehensive list of data, charts, and figures, the device keeps track of your speed of internet access.


  • Easy when using.
  • Pop-ups are not available.

Run an experiment.


  • It takes a lot of time for a test to be completed.
  • No Boost Attachment Function.

Xfinity Speed Test

The Comcast Cable Communications Xfinity Speed Test is a practical tool for fast testing of your Internet speed.

You need to get your download and upload speed numbers for a few seconds, and you will even know what your latency is on the network.

It automatically selects a server to test, as with other related applications for testing the speeds.

You can, however, choose your test location if you like. The company is not loaded with perfect advertising.

Xfinity also has several simple tips on speeding up home network positioning, popular platforms, web browser updates, etc.


  • There are no ads.
  • Secure https protocol is used for test runs.
  • The test location can be selected.
  • IPv6 and IPv4 assistance.
  • Sharing test outcomes.
  • Facilities for ease of use.


  • Limited IP address information used for experimental purposes
  • No graphical View.
  • Don’t operate between tabs or minimize browsers while going to switch.

 Meteor: Free Internet Speed & App Performance Test

Meteor is OpenSignal’s free online speed monitoring app that lets you try downloads/uploads and perform ping tests for your iOS and Android.

Apartments are listed in support applications: Gmail, Facebook, Youtube, Google Maps, WhatsApp, Twitter, and 19 more!

To see how well it performs based on your current connection, just click on a different computer.


Easy to just use.

Colorful and nice user interface.

Pretty good results.

Run an experiment.


  • It takes a lot of time for a test to be completed.
  • No Boost Attachment Function.


Internet speed tests include free online services or apps to test your internet speed in real-time.

Mostly, unless the Internet is already slow, we don’t think of an internet test. It is that broadband providers are notoriously dishonest to sell their Internet speeds if there is anyone theory behind this method.

Internet speed tests include free online services or apps to test your internet speed in real-time.

Mostly, unless the Internet is already slow, we don’t think of an internet test. It is that broadband providers are notoriously dishonest to sell their Internet speeds if there is anyone theory behind this method.


What is the most accurate Internet speed test site?

Probably the best-known speed test is It is fast, free, and has a large list of international testing locations available, making the results more accurate than average.

Is Speedtest by ookla accurate?

Ookla offers a reliable, consistent system-wide testing experience. Speedtest offers accurate and reliable user experience, where customers are dependent on all types of apps.

How do I check my internet speed accurately?

You simply have to visit a website such as www. and start testing. It takes only a few minutes to finish the test. You will know your ping rate, browse and publish accelerates once it is done.

How can I boost up my Internet speed?

  • Test another router/modem. The key cause of Internet slowdown is a weak modem.
  • Virus scanning.
  • Search for interference with the system.
  • See your filters.
  • Try to get rid of the cable.
  • Turn in.
  • External intrusion power.
  • Foxtel search or other TV forms.

What is a good internet speed for the home?

Better broadband home speeds rely on what you do at home with broadband.

For families with multiple Internet users or for frequent online streaming, the Federal Communications Commission ( FCC) recommends Internet speeds of 12-25Mbps.

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