Top 10 Best Apps To Hide Apps, Images and files for Android & iPhone in 2021

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Most work can be done in these days with your smartphone without facing a lot of risks.

Several personal images, videos, and confidential details are included in your computer.

To secure your phone from the intruders, you must attach some extra protection. 

The innovations are now fast evolving every day; you must use them correctly to match your needs.

The intruders often gain access to your personal information using this technology.

Only search on the Internet and you will find several secret applications to provide your phone with high-level protection. 

Now you can see the top apps in your Android / iPhone to cover apps. The following are some apps also best app to hide apps on iPhone.

#1 Secret Photo Vault

best app to hide apps on iphone
Best app to hide apps on iPhone

Download Secret Photo Vault For iPhone

Download Secret Photo Vault For Android

In 2021, This is the best launcher to hide apps.

This app was considered the best app to keep your private images and videos with a passcode secure.

It helps to dissimulate your essential data, pictures, and videos in a vault so nobody can access them without having entered a passcode.

Note, the passcode should be confidential and should not be transmitted to anyone. This is also apps to hide apps on iPhone.

#2 Vaulty (hide photos and videos)

Best app to hide apps in android
Best app to hide apps in android

Donwload Vaulty (hide photos and videos)

This is one of the great applications from squid tooth LLC to secure your important things.

It has been provided for hiding your private videos and images of intruders and for submitting videos and photographs from several other applications.

You can lock your photos and videos with the aid of this application and only see them from the inside of the vault. This also provides Android users with a strong and fastest gallery.

Password security and continuous, free, and online backup are included in the vault app.

The single app contains a range of vaults and provides its users with a range of advantages. It lets you take a photo of the wrong person who tries the wrong passcode to open your camera.


best launcher to hide apps
best launcher to hide apps

Download Vault For Android

In 2021, NQ security apps include a range of Android / iPhone best-in-class solutions that provide your info, videos, and pictures with high levels of protection.

It consists of some of the main features like app locks, cloud backups, private browsers, and a few.

Today, 100 million people have used this app and still have the highest feedback.

In addition to the security and concealment of your private videos and pictures, a call-minder feature is provided to remind you of your call details.

This is the best app to hide apps in android.

Keep Photo Safe Vault :

best app to hide apps without rooting
Best app to hide apps without rooting

Download Keep Photo Safe Vault

In this vault, the iPhone users will be able to keep all your private images and videos secure.

It provides a password to ensure the protection of your videos and photos and does not allow anyone to access your personal information.

The users must protect their security and keep their password confidential. This is the app to hide apps android.

Gallery Vault:

apps to hide apps on iphone
apps to hide apps on android / iPhone

Download Gallery Vault APK

This app has been created by the gallery app team and features advanced to secure your private pictures and videos.

Users of Android can cover their audios, images, photos, and more in this app and encrypt the secret files in that program safely.

This app helps to conceal your icons, and none other than you entered in your list.

Within this app, you can transfer your encrypted information securely to your SD card.

It provides its users with an elegant, seamless, and beautiful user experience.

This app has accepted the fake passcode given by the intruders and will display the phony content and details.

Calculator Vault :

best app to hide apps quora
the best app to hide apps

Download Calculator Vault App

The calculator software is considered to be the best hider for your photos and videos.

It looks like a regular computer and features a device hider tool.

By hiding your private applications from this machine vault, users can improve their smartphone security.

It allows you to cover and upload your pictures and videos to the gallery.

Clock Vault:

app to hide apps android
app to hide apps android

Download Clock Vault App For Android

You can securely encrypt the secret files in this application to conceal your recordings, your images, pictures, and more.

The app’s icon looks like an app hider and functions as a clock. This is a private application; users can safely preserve their information.

Users must keep their password secret and free their intruders from their pictures and videos.

Calc Vault :

Best app hider for android / iphone
Best app hider for android / iPhone

Download Calc Vault App

This great app is capable of securely hiding your videos and photographs and even features such as private browsers, screen lock, and some more.

People need to recognize the intruders and use this software to cover their private videos and photos.

It preserves your privacy and also allows users to enjoy some big features like the incognito browser, private mode, and device lock.

Private Photo Vault:

Private Photo Vault – Apps on Google Play
Private Photo Vault – Apps on Google Play

Download Private Photo Vault App

The Legendary Software LLC has built this fantastic feature application to safeguard all your private images and videos from a passcode.

This software allows you to save your data easily and also enables others to see your information without your knowledge.

Users keep their passcode or password privately; you don’t share it with others.

If anyone has known your passcode, the intruders might have an opportunity to access your data.

Vault Calculator:

Vault Calculator Hide Pictures for Android - APK Download
Vault Calculator Hide Pictures for Android – APK Download

This is one of the popular applications to conceal intruders’ apps and your photos and videos.

The app’s icon is like the ideal machine app and provides the image hider feature.

If you are interested in shielding your apps from third parties, you can hide via this vault calculator via this app.

People need to learn more about intruders and keep their pictures and videos secure.

Here are all the best applications to conceal from others the critical information.

Conclusion :

Our entire personal life is done in our pockets with our smartphone. You will want to keep a lot of images and videos private.

But you can either pass your telephone to a friend who does not know his true motives or he can accidentally fall victim to someone else’s paws.

Well, you don’t have to worry if you are an Android user since there are some great apps for hiding Android photos and videos.

Well, we have assembled a list of Android’s ten best pictures and video hider devices.


What is the best app to hide other apps?

Secret Photo Vault IS the best app to hide apps without rooting.

Is there an app that can hide apps?

VAULT is a free Android app for root-free hiding devices.

Using this Android app hider, the launcher, the recent apps list, the management of devices in device settings and any trace of devices on your phone system will cover any Android app (except system apps).

Is there an app to hide other apps on iPhone?

Despite several apps designed to hide photos, video, notes, and text messages, including KeepSafe, KYMS, and Private Photo Vault, there are currently no apps that can hide applications.

Can you hide the Snapchat app on your phone?

The App Drawer > Home > Preferences > Hide Applications and select the applications you want to hide will do this.

You will have to repeat the cycle to unhide the devices just as on the iPhone.

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