Top 10 Best Alternatives of Putlocker9

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The word “Putlocker” is synonymous with streaming films for many of its devoted supporters worldwide.

The Putlocker brand, initially launched at in 2011, rapidly developed into one of the main sites of the 2010’s Web.

There is no question that Putlocker is a king in this niche with recorded traffics of up to 1,6 million visitors a day during its heyday.

However, the site has had a fair share of issues throughout the years.

Putlocker is one of the world’s leading websites for video streaming.

Putlocker is one of the most popular websites on the internet for online streaming.

The site is so well-known that many large providers of internet infrastructure have blocked access to this website, which prevents many of its long time fans access to movies and television shows.

While we can only speculate whether the new Putlocker is a member of the old site.

In Putlocker, users can’t upload their video files, as opposed to the old Putlocker. The website masters have therefore produced a wide range of films to ensure you still need all the features.

The vast online archive provides a comprehensive collection of all recent Hollywood blockbusters and the classic successes from each decade, including the trilogy of Inception and Godfather.

Here is the list of the best alternatives of Putlocker9

123Movies :

123Movies is one of the best video movie sites to look at.

123Films also have a wide selection of cartoons, anime and Asian dramas, and films and TV shows, making it a better alternative to Putlocker and separating itself from other online entertainment sites.

Few names are as big as Putlocker in the free film streaming industry.

123Movies are one of the few that offer the Putlocker brand dignified competition.

Another film streaming OG, 123Films, is in the game for some time and is undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular free streaming websites.

The clean GUI and comprehensive movie library are the best selling points of 123Movies.

You almost forget you’re on a free entertainment website, visit 123Movies.

The website’s homepage has a tidy, sleek, and esthetic interface close to what you get from paid services such as Netflix.

The Main Page features nice parts in categories such as the latest movies now in theatres, new releases, anime, cartoons, and Asian drama.

Instead, a more comprehensive list of all the page categories and sorting options can be accessed via the main navigation bar.

Solar Movie :

SolarMovie has made one of the most considerable Internet streaming websites, not just the excellent collection of films but also its sleek architecture.

You’ll see which films trend the most noticeable throughout the day and are best rated as soon as you open SolarMovie in your web browser.

Registered users can list and order their favorites and enjoy numerous other advantages.

All SolarMovie films feature fantastic cover art, definition, IMDb scores, keywords, and more.

We also like SolarMovie because of its ability to view films across the country they were made, so discovering what the wider movie world offers is easy.

The Solarmovie platform is another great alternative to Putlocker.

Not only does Solarmovie concentrate on hype, but it is one of the best-overlooked sites to stream free films.

The sleek futuristic design alone is sufficient to place it on the list of the best free internet streaming sites.

Thanks to its website’s stability and continuous delivery of new content, Solarmovie has accumulated a growing number of loyal subscribers.

Los Movies :

Los Movies has a comprehensive collection of all sorts of 2000 page films and TV shows.

You can scan for movies by name, see which films are currently trending or see only films with subtitles in Los Movies.

Unfortunately, this site is a pop-up fuck, and you sometimes have to click in an unplaced way to launch an attack of pop-ups that lead to all sorts of suspicious websites.

Enable at least an ad blocker before you visit the site, but it would be easier to have a dedicated pop-up blocker.

Movie Watcher :

While the film streaming area is known for its turbulence, with the websites being present on and off regularly, one website that has remained relatively identical over the years is a film viewer.

The film watch platform remains right to its heart and offers an easy, free portal to display all the newest movies.

On video-watching, you can see big, clickable film thumbnails, easy to understand site categories and HD video media player with no extra features.

The movie is also available in HD.

Since the main focus of the website is on films, the TV series tends to be a secondary thought, and the platform is a little lacking in this department as compared with the competition.

Popcornflix :

Popcornflix characterizes itself to be a system to watch films without money.

The web site aims to offer its visitors excellent quality and high download speed access to the latest films.

Popcornflix offers everything from action to comedy, science fiction to novelty, and every movie on the website is available in its original language.

If you are not sure what to look at, you can narrow down the extensive list of categories near the bottom of the right sidebar to only one genre.

Once the movie you’ve chosen has been shown, click on it and wait until a player load is visible. Finally, please click the big play button in the middle of the player.

Yes, Movies :

Yesmovies is not an option for Putlocker, but others will see this as a beneficial permanent replacement.

The sleek architecture of the website incorporates top-of-the-line films to create a video streaming network you can continue to use.

You’ve got Yesmovies if you want a smart, quirk-free GUI. A basic red and black design of the website is as usable as it is lovely.

The film thumbnails are smooth, the buttons easy to use, and the esthetics on the pages is enough to compete with some paid platforms.

Watch online series :

Do you think you are addicted to television? Can you stop the temptation of seeing the next episode when you find a series you like? You find it impossible.

Watch Online Series has everything from sopranos to Simpsons.

The majority of the TV shows on the Web are HD, and at least two mirrors exist in each episode.

As often happens, it’s best to watch the online series with an ad blocker.

Fmovies :

Fmovies, a lightweight streaming site for both the latest blockbusters and all your favorite classic flicks, is another big giant in the industry and worthy of Putlocker replacement.

The casual nature of the site and its growing selection of films make choosing Putlocker easy.

In comparison, Fmovies uses a simple, off-touch user interface to view your favorite videos in no time, which is very difficult to work with other movies streaming from pages.

Prime wire :

There are certain positive and negative aspects of each website. Primewire ‘s main drawback undoubtedly is its obsolete style and layout.

But, if you can take a look beyond its incredible interior, a treasure house of films of all sorts and budgets will be found from wildly successful Hollywood blockbusters to small accounts but very heartfelt independent cinema.

All Primewire films have at least one out of three video qualities: low, medium, or high.

With several features to choose from, you can enjoy Primewire without too much concern about your monthly data allocation, even if you’re unable to use wireless internet.

AZMovies :

If your selection criteria are based on the smoothness and speed of the site user interface, AZMovies is the first alternative to Putlocker that we recommend.

The elegance of this site is sure to make you forget that you are at a free streaming platform with premium aesthetics throughout.

The interface is a beautiful style that recalls the Netflix site. The featured top section displays all the major titles you expect, and you’ll get some of the best classics in all decades below.

The consistency of the sources that you get here is much higher than what you can find elsewhere.

With most of the titles we have tried, the platform has been provided to stream in a real 720p video that keeps the streams dumb.

Conclusion :

The only online streaming site that you can use to see movies and TV shows without paying is nowhere near Putlocker, as you can see.

Regardless of the website you use, we highly suggest that you safeguard your security and privacy with a VPN service.

FAQs :

Has Putlockers been shut down?

After the Court of Luxembourg ‘s decision in favor of the Belgian Entertainment Relationship and a transfer of the owner URL to EuroDNS, on 27 February 2017, the address was suspended.

Where can you watch free movies?

Above are the ten best options to watch free movies.

What is the correct 123movies site? is the correct 123movies site.

Where can you watch TV shows for free?

Popcornflix is the best option to watch TV Shows for free.

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