How to Automatically Forward AOL Mail

How to Automatically Forward AOL Mail
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AOL is a bigger it product development company who provide an online platform for email service and the name called AOL Mail.

AOL has a lot of good features and one of the best features is that AOL Mail can automatically forward all the incoming email messages from your mail address to another email address.

There is AOL Mail’s general settings menu, you can click on this menu where you can find the mail forwarding feature. You can set your forwarding mail for here.

After setting up email forwarding, You will receive the mail from your AOL Mail inbox. it’s so simple :).

Having various email addresses doesn’t mean you need to check numerous records each day to stay aware of your email.

You can naturally advance a duplicate of messages starting with one location then onto the next and answer utilizing an alternate record and causing it to appear as though it was sent from the first record.

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This instructional exercise will disclose to you the most ideal approach to propel email from AOL to Gmail, import your AOL contacts, to say the very least.

AOL has been around for quite a long time is as yet offering email benefits if not a ton else.

In case you’re progressively taking the action towards Gmail from AOL, doing things gradually so you catch every individual who normally messages you at AOL is the best approach to do it.

Some portion of that movement is email sending.

Email sending is the place where you design one email record to make a computerized duplicate of an email and naturally forward that duplicate to another email account.

The first email stays in your inbox and the duplicate is sent any place you need it to go.

It’s a quick, free and straightforward approach to relocate email records or browse different messages from one spot.

Here is some setting step that you have to follow.

Just go to the AOL application on your computer.

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There you can see the login form, Enter you login detail and click on the “Sign In” button.

After successful login, you will find the “Settings” menu over there. Just click on the “Settings” link and select the “General Settings” option.

Where you can find the “Forwarding” option, Click on it.

There is some dot located to the left of the “Forward a copy of incoming mail to:” option, click on it.

Here you are: Enter your address to which you need to forward a copy of your AOL Mail.

The final step, on the bottom side you can see the “Save Changes” button, Click on it to finish the setup of your AOL Mail forwarding.

How do I forward my AOL email to Gmail 2021

  1. sign in to your Gmail account.
  2. There you can see the setting icon on the top right, click on it
  3. After that go to Accounts and Import.
  4. There is an option to Check Email from Other Accounts and Add an Email Account.
  5. Add you
  6. Add your AOL email address field in the popup box & click Next.
  7. You can see the server details ones check it and enter your password.
  8. check ‘Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server’ to keep copies with AOL.
  9. Click on Add Account link.
  10. Done 🙂
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Does anyone still use AOL?

  • You might be amazed to hear that AOL Mail still survives, however you presently don’t require a CD-ROM to open the program.A large share of the organization’s items are immediately electronic, yet a quarterly income report amazingly opened that 2.1 million people were still using and paying for AOL’s dial-up help as of late 2021

Can I forward emails from AOL to another account?

  • One of the highlights of AOL Mail is its capacity to naturally advance all forward email messages to another email address. 
  • You can set this mail forwarding highlight through AOL Mail’s overall settings menu. 
  • Whenever you have set up email forwarding, you will keep on getting messages in your AOL Mail inbox.

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