How to Fix Discord Awaiting Endpoint Bug in 2021

Discord Awaiting Endpoint Bug

Discord is a communication platform specially made for gamers. All game geeks are connected with discord. The discord will avail you unreal gaming experience. Being a gaming platform, we often need to update, features, add-ons, or some temporary bug issue. The “Awaiting endpoint” bug is one of them.  Fixes Awaiting endpoint discord server is a bug … Read more

How to Use VPNs in Windows 10

Use VPNs in Windows 10

VPNs provide a lot of benefits to anyone using the internet.  You get to protect your online privacy without compromising the functionalities of the platform you are on. Connecting a VPN to your Windows 10 is not a difficult task. You have the option of downloading the apps from the windows store. The advantage of … Read more

5 Best Android Apps to Edit TikTok Videos Like Pro Video Editor

Best Android Apps for Edit TikTok Videos

The TikTok app is a pretty self-governing app when it comes to adding finishing techniques to videos. From adding complex animation impacts to speeding them up, you can do a lot without relying on the other video editors. This setting works great and unexpectedly if you post short videos. Here is the list of apps … Read more

How to Activate OWN on Roku, Amazone Fire TV, Apple TV, Android? [The complete guide]

How to Activate OWN on Roku, Amazone Fire TV, Apple TV, Android [The complete guide]

OWN TV is available with all the latest shows and lie streams. Also, there are original series and classic videos to explore. OWN TV is available on many devices such as Apple TV, Roku, Amazone Fire TV, and Android. Users need to do activate process at once to watch the most popular streaming shows. You … Read more

Why Norton 360 is the Best Antivirus for Gamers!

rm373batch3 banner 07 scaled

Every computer needs an antivirus system to protect the PC from any cybersecurity threats. However, the needs of a Gamer are a bit unique from conventional users. Antivirus systems are infamous for being too draining on the systems. They make the computer laggy as they take up a lot of space and processing power. For … Read more

How To Find a Facebook Profile Using a Reverse Image Search

Find a Facebook Profile Using a Reverse Image Search

Do you want to find a specific person, and you only have their photo? With this method, you can find it on Facebook. Social networks such as Facebook have been giving us the possibility of meeting and meeting people of all kinds and conditions, wherever they may be, in a few clicks. And the thing is that the … Read more

Send a Voice Message On Instagram: Step By Step Guide

Instagram is a popular social media app that a user to connect with the world via the app. It let the user share photos, videos, and GIF. Even user can go to for live post, add a caption to stories and videos. Another feature is user can send post, messages or link. Even before posting … Read more