Top 10 Best Free Alternatives Of Microsoft Word – [Latest 2021]

Top 10 Best Free Alternatives Of Microsoft Word – [Latest 2021]
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Today you can quickly and easily find the alternative of Microsoft Word. 

Although many think they are “locked” into Microsoft Word for all their document creation requirements, this is simply not true. 

Many Microsoft There are now alternatives to Microsoft’s costly program, many free of charge.

Some applications may be online, and some will be downloadable, but all of them will allow you to get away from Microsoft Word and continue to be fruitful.

This is because all the applications you already use with MS Word will function in tandem. For example, take your daily PDF tool. It is difficult to deal with PDF documents and it can be harder for you to change an application in your normal tech lineup. 

But that’s just not real. For example, Able2Extract Professional allows you to easily work with any alternative MS Word. 

So, look no further if you need a good free list of Microsoft Word alternatives for windows 10 and other. 

Let’s start with our tour of 10 Microsoft Word alternatives free.

Microsoft Word Alternatives 2021:

It is easier to create and collaborate in real-time online sometimes rather than editing, managing, and emailing multiple versions on your local hard drive. 

You can not only create your documents online but also share them with others quickly and easily with the web-based application for word processing below.

DropBoxPaper :

The online cloud storage service Dropbox Paper is an electronic word processor that is free to use. 

The very intuitive interface allows you to focus on your content. The simple interface. There are also many things you can do which go beyond the development of texts.

 Operating with dynamic documents you can share and access online, the Dropbox Paper, in general, does an excellent job.

Office Online :

For Microsoft Word and Office enthusiasts, Word on the internet is definitely the best alternative to Microsoft wordfor their document editing needs. 

Even if the free MS Word web application is not a full version of your paid counterpart, it allows you to open, build, and edit online Word documents. 

It also offers several further advantages to online software instruments. You will exchange documents and work together.

Office Online’s cross-platform accessibility is equally appealing. 

If you are a user of Chromebook and Linux OS, the most elegant way to access the editing functions of the Microsoft document is MS Word web application-for free!

Google Docs :

Free Microsoft word alternatives, Google Docs allows you to create documents, tablet sheets, presentations, drawings, and even forms in collaboration and sharing. 

Google Docs is filled with features and different additional components can be added to them. 

Documents may also be published as web pages, downloaded or e-mailed as a Document, ODT, PDF, plain text, or RTF attachment, while automatically saving and storing the file online. 

This is also alternatives to Microsoft word for mac.

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And don’t worry if you are worried that you will rely on the Internet to process documents. Although you are not connected to the Internet, you can enable Google Docs offline access and keep editing your documents. It’s just a free account for Google.

Etherpad :

 It is an open-source, very customizable resource to communicate online with peers, classmates, and colleagues. You simply need to start a new pad and share the link with your staff. 

Afterward, even if you are distant miles, you can start working jointly on the expected project in real-time.

Zoho :

Including word processing author, Zoho provides about 20 free applications online. 

There should be no issues with the Writer code since this is easily understood. 

When working online, you always risk losing your browser or your browser collapse due to lost network connections. 

Luckily, while you finish typing, Zoho automatically saves your documents. 

Zoho Writer can export to DOCX, ODF, PDF, Latex, RTF, TXT and even HTML all standard text formatting features and document building. Most of people stuck to draw Latex horizontal line but I shared a blog about Latex horizontal line you can read there.

Echosign can be connected to digital signatures, it can publish in a blog or make it accessible to everyone. It’s free to use ZohoDocha

OpenOffice.ORG :

The OpenOffice package consists of six programs all using the same motor, which makes them very simple to understand and use. 

In OpenOffice, 6 applications are Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base, and math. The following are available. 

Since the program is open source, support and error fixes are freely accessible and quickly generated by a large community.

This is probably Microsoft Word / Office ‘s leading free desktop alternative. The Windows XP, macOS (OS X), and Linux will install the set.

AbiWord :

AbiWord is a free word processing program, close to Microsoft Word. 

The software is fully compatible with Microsoft Word as well as OpenOffice, Word Great, Rich Text Format, and more. 

It’s available only for Linux distributions. 

You have advanced document layout capabilities to merge the mail, allowing you to fill in different fields of a form in documents with information on databases, such as comma-separated or tabbed text files. 

When you want to work in offices with lots of configurations, this is a very useful function. 

Besides, the app can be modified and extended with freely available plug-ins, which offer you even more features.

Jahre :

Jarte’s WordPad Engine based on Microsoft, but is still free. A paid version of the software adds additional features but the free version of the version is more than enough for Word and WordPad documents and is fully compatible. 

It can also export spell-checks to HTML and PDF formats. It can also be used. From Script, and everything else. 

Jarte does not have any ads, test times, or paralyzed functionality and is funded from Jarte Plus version user purchasing.

WPS Office :

This is the WPS Writer application’s free document processing suite, and an alternative to Microsoft Word. WPS Office 2016 You get home. 

Open and save Free in an extended range of can file formats, such as docx, pdf, and more. 

Application in languages other than English may be received: German, French, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, and Spanish. 

With one exception, the suite has the same familiar look and feel of MS Office-it has a tabbed display window that allows you to access more than one document at a time.

It is perfect when you try to find a free Word alternative that can be scaled not just for teams, but also as collaborative and smooth as Microsoft.

SoftMakerFreeOffice :

The application TextMaker allows you to concentrate just like you would in MS Word on creating documents. 

This suite offers important editing features and even a number of basic document templates. 

The standard text formatting options are available for tablets, diagrams, shapes, and graphs.

FAQs :

What is the best free alternative to Microsoft Word?

Google Docs, the most free alternative to Microsoft Word for this list, is free of charge for anyone who has a Google account.

What is the best alternative to Microsoft Office?

FreeOffice, A free alternative to Microsoft word that looks very much like MS Office.

What is the best free Word program?

Free Writing WPS Office. A word processor that supports all text files and stores the cloud.

What can I use instead of Microsoft Word?

Google Docs, the most popular Microsoft Word free alternative for this list, is free of charge for anyone who has a Google account.

Is there a free version of Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Office is a cost-effective software kit that most people purchase. You will use Script, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote as the standard versions in your browser for free at the

They ‘re the same applications from Microsoft Office, they only work online and they’re 100% free of charge.

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