How to Activate TLC Go on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Spectrum, Direct TV 2021[Complete Guide]

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TLC is considered the most popular entertainment channel. It offers a good amount of entertaining stuff. The TLC shows Series, personal stories, reality Shows, and some other entertaining shows. The lifestyle shows are very much in demand on TLC.  

About TLC

The Learning Channel: That is the initial abbreviation of TLC. Now it’s popular with “Tender Loving Care”. Starting as an American channel, the TLC is available now all over the world.

TLC is mostly available on TV. But you can get that on a personal device too. And view your favorite show at any time and place.

How to activate TLC

Many OTT platforms are offering the TLC to add to your device. You can get this app on the device and get entertainment-loaded shows.

There is an Activation process using  to be followed.

Here we are going to explain the TLC GO Activation steps for your device. 

Activate TLC GO on Roku

Roku offers around 4K free and paid channels. TLC Go also is available on Roku. The user needs to process for one-time sign-up in Roku.

Connect Roku with the internet and go to Here you need to fill up your necessary basic data. In the end, you will get an activation code on the screen.

Now, you can log in to your Roku with a credential. Here you move for the Roku channel store. Find the search box and search for the TLC Go.

Download in your Roku and launch after that. The next step is the activation process.

Visit the https www TLC com activate Roku from to make channel activate. This will ask you to enter “device activation code.” Give input in that box and hit the “Activate” button. This will activate TLC Go on Roku. 

Users can choose the “Lifetime” option from the channel store and get mylifetime com to activate with all favorite shows.

Activate TLC GO on Firetv stick

Amazon Fire TV is the most popular among viewers. They offer many live tvs, including TLC go. For that, go to the Fire TV home page and get TLC to go application from your device browser.

Launch the TLC go application, and you will find the activation code from that.

At last, Visit the www TLC com activate or www. tlc. com/activate. This is the URL to activate TLC Go on your Fire Tv. 

Here enter the activation code and make sure to click on the “Activate” button. You can enjoy TLC Go instantly.

Activate TLC GO on Apple Tv

Visit the Apple TV app store and get the TLC Go on your device. Once you launch the TLC Go application, this will provide you with one Activation Code.

Note that code for future reference. Now it’s time to visit the www tlc com activate from the device browser. 

Here you need to enter the same activation code which was noted earlier. As soon as you enter the activation code and press the “Activate” button, you will be able to see TLC go on apple TV.

Activate TLC GO on Direct Tv

Direct Tv now is a good platform to watch TLC Go. To activate TLC Go, first of all, follow the sign-up process on your Direct TV.

After that, Go to the device app store and find the TLC Go application. Once you find the application, make it download. 

Now Launch the application and get the activation code available on your device screen.

Open the https://www<tlc<com?activate from browser. Enter the activation code in that and click on the “Activate” button.

Activate TLC GO on Spectrum

Spectrum TV is an application that allows you to watch live TV and on-demand stuff at no extra cost. 

To Get TLC Go on the Spectrum, install the application on your device. Do a sing up process with your basic details on that.

Then operate it with your login credential. And you can activate it with www tlc com/activate on your Spectrum TV. 

Why my TLC Go is not working?

First of all, match all your steps with the above given related device’s activation steps.

Also, you need to enter the correct activation code from the TLC Go application.

Also, check about the internet connection while using the TLC go.

Try to close the application completely and try to restart it.

If it’s not working yet, go to the TLC Go customer assistant.


How can I watch TLC for free?

Yes, there is a way to get TLC for free. You can get a trial for 7 days for free of cost. Also, YouTube TV free trial, Hulu free trial, Video Plus free trial is available for viewers. You can start the free trial and enjoy TLC’s excellent shows for free.  

How do I get in touch with TLC?  

Viewers can get in touch with TLC with the “311” contact number. You can call TLC on “311” and talk with TLC executives.

You will get your TLC queries solved from here. Also, you can submit your query through an email at the TLC email address. – “[email protected]

 How do I cancel my subscription to TLC? 

First of all, go to the “Subscription” tab from your device application. This will provide you with your subscription detail. Here it will show the “Cancel” button. Now click on that, and your subscription will be canceled. 

Is TLC subscription free?

A user might think about is TLC goes free? But, the TLC subscription is not free. Viewers need to pay a monthly or yearly charge for that.

The TLC subscription cost package is available at $69.99.

This will offer 85+ live channels with it. Also, you will get 7 days free trial with it. And after that, get the TLC to-go subscription.


Since 1990 TLC has been available for their viewers.

There are many popular shows like 90 days fiancé, 7 little Johnstons, Sister wives, My big fat fabulous life, dr. Pimple popper, say yes to the dress. Long island medium is the TLC popular show.

You can go to follow the activation process from the above article. And get TLC to go on your device. Feel free to share your review with us.

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