How to Activate NFL on Roku, PS4, CBS, Xfinity | All You Need to Know About NFL Network

How to Activate NFL on Roku, PS4, CBS, Xfinity | All You Need to Know About NFL Network
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National Football League: NFL always makes everyone crazy for it. Being an official football lover, you have all rights to get the NFL Network through In this article, you will find all the required steps to get the NFL com to activate the game pass.

The best thing is you can watch NFL without a cable or Tv subscription. So without much ado, let’s check the complete guide.

What is NFL?

NFL is a paid network. Once you have access to the link, you can get all about football. That will show you an American football game. Users can stream for the live match as well as match analysis, documentaries, re-aired matches, and special programs. What else can fascinate a football lover other than this?

There are specific steps to follow to get NFL on your device. Here we are giving you details. This way, you can get to activate on your favorite platform.

How to activate NFL on Roku

First of all, go to the “Home” screen on your Roku TV. Here you can select the “Streaming Channels.

Now open the “Channel Store.” Here search for the “NFL Network.” Now you will appear the network you want to access. 

Select the Channel and press “Enter.” Here you will be given the “Add Channel” option. 

This will add the NFL to your device. Now Launch the App. At there, you will find the Activation code. Note that down.

Now go to and enter the activation code here. After that, click on the “Continue” button.

After that, sing in, and your NFL will be started. You can also have on your mobile device. How to activate NFL on PS4

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Users first need to visit the play station four stores. Here search for the “NFL app.” Launch the app after installation.

Now the user will get an option to select a provider. At there, select the PS4. You will find one activation code to activate NFL on play station 4.

Browse for the and enter the activation code. This will allow you to activate the NFL.

How to activate NFL game pass on Apple TV?

The majority of Americans use the Apple TV to access NFL. This is available on 4k Apple TV. If you have to buy an NFL game pass from apple tv, you need to do the activation process as given above.

After that, go to the “Setting” and move to the “Sign In” process. Follow the necessary steps, and you will be completed with sing in.  

How to activate NFL game pass on Xbox One?

First of all, get the “NFL app” into Xbox one. From there, you will get the “Activate channel” option.

Now navigate for the drop-down list and select “Xbox” as your service provider. You will find the unique activation code from there. 

Go to the device browser and go to Xbox one URL. You can open this using laptop or mobile. There will be an option to enter the activation code which you have got from your NFL app. After that, you can choose “Continue”. 

How to activate NFL on Fire TV?

People are more interested in the amazon fire TV stick. This is also available with your favorite NFL. You can access on your mobile device also.

Fire TV already has an NFL app. Here go to the “Settings” and choose a Fire TV stick as your device.  

Select the “to start watching NFL games on Amazon”. And then it will start working. is best to get football matches on your screen.

How to activate NFL on CBS

To make CBS, a user has to subscribe to CBS all access. For that, you need to go CBS application store search for the CBS all access. 

Now install and open all access. Here it would be best if you chose “Live TV”. There, you can get access to NFL.

How to activate NFL on Xfinity

At the first stage, download the NFL app into your Xfinity. After that, launch it. This will serve you with an activation code. Get that for future reference.

Here you need to select “Xfinity” as your TV provider. And login to it. The amount for the subscription is $10 to $300. Now go to Xfinity and enter the same verification code there.


Does NFL offer free access?

Yes, it does. But that is not for a long time. The NFL provides seven days of the free trial, the same as other paid channels or networks.

The free trial will include live pre-season games, 256 current season games. Also, you can hear the local radio feed of the team you follow.

This will hide some of the games in the NFL free trial.

How do I activate

Yes, activate is necessary. You will get a complete guide from the above article. That is described in a simple and easy method.

Can multiple users access one NFL game pass?

NFL uses the “One login per subscription” policy. That means only one access is available at a time. You cannot create multiple logins with the same subscription. 

What is fantasy football and how to activate it?

This is the most exciting thing for football lovers. Just imagine and create the same with fantasy football. And you will be the owner of this team. This will makes the game more engaging. Also, you will be able to learn much more about the game. 

You can go for and sign in to play on your own. Also, you will be able to make many selections as per your fantasy.


Here we have provided all 2021 guides to activate the NFL network. It will be so helpful for you. You can enjoy this with NFL activation on your own.

The use of the link does not require any cable connection. The other providers like sling TV, Fubo TV, Youtube TV are also available for NFL. Feel free to share your comments. 


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