5 Ways Smartphones Improved Our Lives

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Smartphones are arguably the greatest invention of the 21st century. They have transformed our lives. These handheld devices have redefined communication and connectivity. Today, smartphones are much more than communication tools. They are extremely powerful and can perform multiple tasks at once. You can even browse the web for the best Spectrum promotions while listening to songs on your smartphone. 

Smartphones are no longer a luxury. They have become a necessity. They once occupied a place on our tables.

Now they just seem to be on our palms most of the time. Just like a symbiote that reaches out to the hand of the person, it intends to bond with.

Alright, that was an absurd reference and it didn’t even make any sense. I’m just trying to show my love for one of Marvel’s most awesome creations.  

Smartphones Improved Communication

When Graham Bell invented the first telephone, he wanted his invention to be in every household. His dream did come true as the telephone became common.

What Bell didn’t foresee was that the device he invented would go on to take a potable form and become more powerful in the process. Today, we see smartphones everywhere.  

The biggest benefit of smartphones is that they have allowed users to communicate in different ways. The traditional phone relied on wires. With a smartphone, that isn’t the case.

It is wireless and transmits signals efficiently. Moreover, if you are unable to make a phone call via your cellular service provider then use the Wi-Fi to make calls. 

Smartphones Enabled Multitasking

You have to send an important email but the laptop isn’t working. Your colleague wants to show a presentation on call. What’s the best and most convenient gadget that comes to your mind? Of course, it’s your very own smartphone.

This tiny device is a powerful gadget that allows you to multitask. You can send an email while downloading a document. Deliver a presentation on Zoom using the PowerPoint app on your smartphone. The list goes on.  

Smartphones Facilitated Remote Access

People no longer have to go to a particular room to make a phone call. Smartphones enable users to make long-distance calls from the comfort of their homes.

Modern-day smartphones come with a wide range of features. Want to turn off your Wi-Fi AC unit? Just use the app on your smartphone. Forgot to switch off the smart lights in your room? Don’t worry, you can now do that with just a tap on your smartphone screen.  

Smartphones Enabled Self Learning

Gen z is one smart generation. Not only do they know tons of stuff, but they also know how to do it better. Technology has played a crucial role in the development of their mental skills.

I’ve seen my younger one learning the basics of the English language in no time. Now, she is learning Chinese and French – thanks to apps like Duolingo.  

Smartphones have provided tons of self-learning opportunities to users. It is worth mentioning that self-learning habits reached a new high during the pandemic period.

People had been in their homes for several months. And what better way to spend time than learning about arts, crafts, music, and much more during that time.  

Smartphones Provided Access to the Internet

Before smartphones, the internet was only available on a select few devices. You had your office laptops, PCs that made the bulk of these devices that supported the internet.

The entire game changed with the introduction of internet-enabled smartphones. People no longer had to carry their laptops to watch YouTube videos or work. Smartphones could perform such tasks and they were here to do it much better and faster.  

Today, over 59% of the world’s population makes up the active internet user demographic.

Over six billion people are said to own a smartphone. The numbers speak for themselves. Smartphones facilitated the democratization of the internet.

They made it convenient for the world to access the internet. And the number is just growing.  


Smartphones have had a tremendous impact on our lives. They made things comfortable and convenient for us. They provided access to information and entertainment. Knowledge sharing has vastly improved due to these handheld devices.

I for one cannot imagine my life without a smartphone. They have changed the mindset of an entire generation. However, that does not mean we should take this technology (or technology of any kind) for granted.

Technology is the key to growth, sustainability, sharing, and success. The benefits of technology can far outweigh the cons, but it is up to us to make things for the better.

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